Order By Date | 3 Monkeys Inflatables York PA

Order By Date | 3 Monkeys Inflatables York PA

How to book a Bounce House Rental

3 Monkeys Inflatable rentals are up to 8-hour rentals for most of our inflatables, bounce houses, games, concessions, and more. There are a handful of exceptions to the 8-hour rental but they are stipulated individually on the item descriptions.

Choose your 8-hour rental

Simply choose any 8-hour block of time in our delivery hours of 8 am to 9 pm. We will guarantee we will be there for the 8 hours you choose, however, keep in mind because we are dealing with the limited staff there are more times than not that we have to arrive early (possibly the day before) or pickup late (possibly the day after) You are guaranteed the 8-hour rental if you get more due to our scheduling than that is a bonus for you and you are not charged.

Overnight Rentals

We do offer overnight rentals for an additional $40 per unit. This would be guaranteed to 8 am the next morning. Anytime after 8 am we can choose to come to pick up unless you pay for an additional day. To choose the overnight rental you must be able to provide a secure location for the additional days you choose. It cannot be left at a public place like a park, church, school, etc.
Please acknowledge that for 2022 we are asking in order for us to take your booking this year you need to provide us with open availability for scheduling up to 1 day prior and 1 day after the event date.  Please note you are guaranteed to get the rental for up to 8 hours, or however you want to put it in for your schedule, but if it serves us to deliver early or pick up late we will need to do so to ensure we are able to get all of our deliveries out on time.  We thank you for your help in making 2022 a great year for everyone!  Keep in mind that should you need an exact pick up or drop off, then you will need to discuss that prior to booking as there may be an extra charge, or we may not be able to take your rental due to your tight time restraints with staffing an issue nationwide we are not able to always accommodate strict schedules with no flexibility.  When in doubt please talk to our staff prior.


Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome!  We are glad you are checking out 3 Monkeys Inflatables and hope you use us for not only this party or event but for future parties for your kids and family.  We have made a special page for you to help answer some of your early questions.  However, if at any point while you are looking and making decisions you have questions give our office a call and we are ready to help you get started.
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3 Monkeys is proud to offer order-by-date convenience for our local customers throughout the York County, Lancaster County, and Dauphin County area of Central PA near me.