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Pucker Powder Mini Machine

Pucker Powder Mini Machine

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Our newest addition to Pucker Powder. Our mini machine can do everything our bigger machines do, except in a smaller footprint!
Add designs & fun to your next party by adding PP Mini.  Your kit includes our 30 Pucker Powder tubes/straws for your creation!

In this package you would get:
  • Pucker Powder Mini Rental Machine
  • Pucker Powder Mini Kit which includes (30) 6 inch candy tubes and 5 pre-packed flavors.  (Birthday Cake, Green Apple, Fruit Punch, Strawberry and Grape.)

How much sugar is in these tubes?
While Pucker Powder® is basically a dextrose based product, it does not contain as 
much sugar than one thinks. A 6" tube contains only 7.3 grams of sugar and carbs.

When you compare this to standard size candy bars and other candy products this is

typically 1/3 the amount of sugar and when comparing to many sports enhancement

drinks it is typically 1/6 the amount of sugar. 

My child is allergic to nuts; does Pucker Powder ® contain nuts?

Pucker Powder ® does not contain nuts and it is produced in a nut free environment.

For further information on allergens please view our allergen policy at Consumer



Is Pucker Powder® Kosher?

Currently all of our Pucker Powder ® flavors are Kosher. Please view our Consumer

Information page for a list of Kosher and non Kosher products.


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