9 Square Up in the Air Game Rental
9 Square Up in the Air Game Rental


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Setup Area: 18'L x 18' W x 7' T

Actual Size: 18'L x 18' W x 7' T

Outlets: 1

Age Group: 7 to adult


9 Square Up in the Air Game Rental

9 Square up in the Air Game Rental | Pennsylvania and Maryland Game RentalsRent the 9 square up in air Game Rental for your next party or Event Rental! 

Are you looking for the perfect interactive game rental for a crowd of kids, teens, and adults like the 9 square up in the air?  This epic outdoor inflatable game rental adds fun and excitement to every event!  

Rules are simple to play you have 9 players that are trying the keep the ball out of their square, while also paying attention to not hit the ball out of bounds!  If the ball lands in your square, you must hit it up and out of it into someone else's square.  To start the game the first players will serve the ball into any other square court.  the player receiving the ball must hit the ball out of their square and into another square.  Each player is allowed to hit the ball only once per turn.  Play continues in this matter until someone is eliminated.  To be considered eliminated the player must be one of the following:

1.  They fail to return the ball to another player's square.

2.  They hit the ball outside of bounds (which is the game structure)

3.  They double-hit the ball.

4.  They touch the game structure during play.  

The players as eliminated will exit the game and get in. line and wait to re-enter the game.  The remaining players will advance forward in a clockwise manner to fill the empty square, and new players will enter square one.  Once the 9 squares are full, the center players serve the ball to start the next play.  

9 Square Up in the Air started in Youth Ministry

Launched by Pastor Steve Otey in 2010 after developing the game in his own youth ministry from St.Louis, Missouri!  The game became an instant hit with teens and soon many other groups wanted to play for their church, camp, school, and events all offer.  Groups of all ages and ability levels love playing 9 Square Up in the Air.


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