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3 Monkeys Inflatables York, Pennsylvania Event Waivers

PLEASE NOTE:  Digital Waivers may be used at events where parents of children under 18 years of age are present with their child and/or chlidren. We will have a QR code present for parents/riders to scan on site so that they can fill out the waiver right there at the event. This is not meant for children under 18 years of age to use when parents are not present to confirm they are the ones who signed the waiver.  

Printable Waivers: These are to be used for schools or organizations that have children under 18 with no parents present at the event that require waivers. We ask that you either print and send home the waivers to be signed and sent back, OR, you can send the link for the parents to print, sign, and send back. We will need, paper, signed waivers, at all school events.

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sign digital bull waiver
sign digital axe throw
sign digital zip line

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Printable Bull waiver
Printable Axe Waiver
Printable Zip Line Waiver
Rock Wall and Euro Bungee Waiver
Rock Wall and Euro Bungee Waiver
Waivers for 3 Monkeys Inflatables


If you have been directed here by 3 Monkeys staff or by company communications, you will find links below to our event or ride waivers. Click the link for the waiver you need and download the pdf file. Complete and sign the waiver and email as an attachment to info@3monkeysinflatables.com or you can hand-deliver it to your event coordinator. We have had customers also print out the waivers and send them home with the participating kids to get parental permission ahead of time to save time and then just give us a stack when we arrive. Whatever you decide ;) we are available to help answer questions at the email above or by simply calling 717-650-7657 or 410-581-5867. We can't wait to book your event!

List of Event Waivers Available

Below is a list of the event waivers available you can click on the name and it will bring up the waiver you will need to have signed by participants at your event.  You can print these out and have them filled out ahead of time especially if you are a school, daycare, PTO, camp that might need these done beforehand or we can have them on-hand the day off and have them signed on-site.  Whatever you decide if you have questions you can always contact us at the above numbers or email us and we will be able to help answer any questions you might have.  Benefits of Event Waivers

Event Waivers are beneficial to have in place at your event that will help protect both our business as well as yourself personally and your organization personally from frivolous lawsuits that can happen when people are not following rules.   We do go over all rules with each renter and have you acknowledge your understanding that you are responsible to monitor and correct any harmful behavior or rules that are broken to ensure a safe and fun experience on the rental equipment.  

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