Admin Labor for coi copies
Admin Labor  for coi copies


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Admin Labor for COI copies York Pennsylvania Area

COI Insurance Form York, Harrisburg, Lancaster

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Please keep in mind we require our attendants to be hired in order to order an Additionally Insured Certificate.  Please fill out the following form and email it to: It is very important that you send us the correct information of how the location requires to be listed on the form. 

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Upon Completion

After you have sent the completed information to our office you will receive the insurance certificate once complete (typically within 48 hours) either from our office staff or directly from our insurance office that issues the certificates. They may email you a copy and cc us on the copy as well.  Be sure to fill out all details so we have what is needed to provide to the insurance provider. We will then put your certificate on file in our system so we have a copy on file. If you have questions when filling out this form or need assistance please call our office at 717-650-7657 or 410-581-5867. Thank you. Our office is physically located in York County, Pennsylvania.  

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