How Do You Play the Big Red Baller Game Rental?

This fun, big red baller game rental, features a series of four oversized inflatable red balls that challengers must jump or run across to reach the other side. Can you complete the challenge without falling off? Players begin their journey on this Big Red Baller Interactive Inflatable Game by climbing up the ladder on the left side where they will find themselves perched on top of the beginning platform and faced with the biggest red balls the have ever seen! They will then try to cross the series of inflatable balls by running across them with Leaps N Bounds, to see if they can make it to the platform on the other side of the inflatable game. And don't worry if you wipeout; this ball pit is a super-soft jump zone cushioned by patented Zero-Shock technology. Challenge yourself and all of your friends to this Big Red Baller Game Rental and try to wipe out your competition. This inflatable is often referred to as Leaps N Bounds or Leaps and Bounds, so if you are looking for that game you have come to the right place!

Details About the Leaps N Bounds Interactive Game Rental

The Leaps N Bounds Interactive Game Rental is designed for 1 player at a time. The unit measures 40' L x 21' W x 12' H and we ask that you keep an additional 5' clearance all around the unit. You will need 2 attendants for this item per the manufacturer guidelines; 1 at the entrance and 1 at the exit. This Big Red Baller Inflatable Game does have 2 blowers so not only will you need 2 separate outlets but you will need 2 separate circuits as well. Another thing to keep in mind, is that this game was designed for the player to run across the balls. It was not intended for players to hop from ball to ball. While this can be done, the weight of the rider will cause air to push out, softening the ball as it slowly loses some air. As soon as the rider leaves the ball you wll see it come to full inflatation again.