About the Bobbing for Apples Interactive Game Rental

This Bobbing for Apples game is a unique twist on the traditional bobbing for apples typically done at fall parties. It is also slightly comparable to the game Whack-a-Mole (which you can check out the human version of here). Bobbing for Apples consists of an inflatable game with our Interactive Play System lights and electronic scoreboard. This interactive game stands 5' L x 9'W x 7'H and requires 1 standard outlet for the blower to keep the game inflated. It can be set up either indoors or outdoors and played by both children and adults. This is an interactive, competitive game that will test your speed, hand eye coordination, and agility. It is the perfect game addition to any fall party, school carnival, community event, corporate picnic, backyard party, or event college event.

How to Play Bobbing for Apples

This particular carnival game is a two-player game. One person chooses to be red and the other green. To begin the game you tap one of the lightpads and the countdown to start the game will begin. Each game is 60 seconds long. The light pads will intermitently light up either red or green. The object of the game is to be fast and tap the lights of your color as they light up. Each tap will earn points and the electronic scoreboard will keep score so that at the end of the game a winner is announced.

Other IPS (Interactive Play System) Game Rentals Available to You 

In addition to the game Bobbing for Apples we have the IPS Cone System available for rent. The advantage to renting the cones is that you can set up them up in the space you have available because they can be laid out however you desire. The objectivity is the same in all IPS game rentals. The third option is our Battle Dome Interactive Arena. This is an inflatable dome where the lightpads are inset into the walls. With this game you do exert more energy than the Bobbing for Apples game because you are running around a larger space to turn your lights off. However, you can play two versus two instead of one versus one.