Creepy Nursery and Military Escape Room
Creepy Nursery and Military Escape Room


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Creepy Nursery and Military Double Escape Room Rental

Creepy Nursery and Military Escape Room Rentals in York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Carlisle, Baltimore, Reading, and more

Creepy Nursery and Military Escape Room Mashup!  Can you imagine you pull up to your event and there is an escape room trailer that has not one, but two escape rooms for you to explore, unlock clues, and solve the puzzles to escape the room?  The most difficult part of your event will know to be this question:  Which room will you start on first?  Who can do this in the fastest time?  What group will have the best teamwork and work together to unlock the clues in the quickest time?  You will need to wait until your event to see it!  The escape trailer is available to rent for one low price for up to 3 hours of fun. Get a group of your friends, co-workers, or have a huge event and sell admission to these amazingly fun escape games. 

About the Military Escape Room Rental

The Military Escape Room begins with you and your team finding out your mission is to disarm the missile before its scheduled to launch in 15 minutes.  Beat the clock and you save the world.  This room contains 5 puzzles that are military-themed.  This military-themed escape room is designed to put you in a military-style environment which really allows you to get into your mission.   Military Mobile Escape Room Rental York near me

About the Creepy Nursery Escape Room Rental

The Creepy Nursery Mobile Escape Room has 5 puzzles to solve in order to complete the room.  The concept is that you have been taken hostage by an insane deranged man and placed in his secret hideout which he has decorated like a child's nursery.  In the room, you will find he has a recorder playing his favorite melodies and in order to escape the room before he returns you need to stop the melody.  This escape room is extremely authentic and because it is an actual room custom built in a trailer it gives you the feel and sensation of being in the environment.  

Creepy Nursery Escape Double Room Rentals near me York

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The Double Escape Room Rental is a popular mobile escape room with participants. It gives you two rooms in one trailer allowing you the opportunity to have 2 groups using the escape rooms at one time.  Double your occupancy and amount of thru-put for your fair, festival, college events, community events, church events, holiday events, or school events.  There are so many ways you can create an event escape room rental whether it's for a private party or public event we will be there to help your participants moving along quickly.  We can give clues to participants if requested and we can create a timed fun adventure where teams compete for the best time and keep a scoreboard so they can tweet about it or keep track with other friends/participants.  

Both escape rooms come together for up to 3 hours of fun.  If you need to add additional hours you can add them at a fee of $100 per room per hour (so for this particular room it would be $200/hr to add additional hours.)

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