The Dream Castle Combo has a wet/dry option that allows you to use this wet or dry! The Dream Combo rental offers a waterside or dry slide capability, as well as a bounce area & basketball area that your wet riders can go from wet slide to bouncing without worrying about getting the bounce area wet! This is one of our very few units that can get wet!  Let 3 Monkeys and this Dream Castle 3 in 1 Bounce House Combo Rental be the center of your party or event.

Unique and Fun Wet or Dry Rental Options

3 Monkeys Inflatables offers a unique rental with this Dream Castle 3 in 1 Combo. This combo offers a large, open bounce area where the kiddos will have a blast jumping, bouncing, giggling, and playing basketball! Then they can climb their way to the top of the slide and make their way down the thrilling waterslide! You are probably wondering what makes this unit so unique? This is our only unit that has the capability of having water spray inside the bounce area! AND it is designed with a non-slip floor material to make for safer, wet bouncing!  This unit is loved by all parents and kiddos who have had this unit.  Most other Combos that are used wet do not offer the wet option in the bounce house area, this is a big deal and the reason the aqua 3 in 1 combo is our most popular wet/dry combo every summer.

What ages is this unit best for?

The Dream Castle  3 in 1 Combo is a great unit for children up to about ages 12. At those ages kiddos still love to jump and bounce, so this unit offers the best of both worlds to them. The slide on this combo unit has a steep enough downgrade that it offers a bit of a thrill to them too! And maybe you have younger kiddos who are not so sure of the slide. This is where that added water feature in the bounce area comes in extra handy because they can still get wet, have fun, and feel like one of the big kids, even if it is just bouncing.

I want to rent this unit for my event, what do I do?

If you would like to rent this Dream Castle 3 in 1 Combo for your next backyard party, picnic, birthday party, or event you can do one of two things. Please feel free to call one of our reservation specialists at our office by dialing 717.650.7657. We are always happy to help our customers secure a reservation over the phone. You can also scroll back up to the top of the page and click the ‘Add to Cart button. This will take you through our checkout process online. Don’t forget we also rent tents, tables, and chairs to complete your event.  Keep in mind the Aqua 3 in 1 Combo is our most popular wet/dry combo, so that means it books out fast.  This is a one-of-a-kind unit and so once it books it is not available and you would need to look at another date if you are sold on this inflatable combo.