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Electric Trackless Train Jr.

Electric Trackless Train Jr.

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Electric Trackless Train Rental York PA

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Electric Trackless Train Rental

About the Train Rental

This electric drive trackless train jr rental can go indoors or outdoors. Its electric drive means no noise and no dirty exhaust. Let the fun begin at your next big event with train rides for children and adults alike with plenty of room and plenty of power. This train can run for long periods of time and can go indoors or outside on grass or concrete. The 3 Monkeys Trackless Train jr ride has LED lights, a PA system to play your favorite music, and a classic train horn for a super ride experience. Bright colors and plenty of room for riders; 12 children or 6 adults and any combination in between. With 3 Monkeys Party Rentals, this train can come to your house for a birthday party, convention center, fair, festival, as well as your next big corporate event where you want a big wow with a great attraction!  

What is included with your rental:

  • Train and 3 cars
  • Trained conductor/engineer
  • functioning railroad crossing sign

Preparing for the rental of the Trackless Train:

  1.  Be sure the area you are running the train is free of any debris.
  2.  The trackless train will not be permitted to go up and down any hills.
  3.  We cannot run the trackless train in rain or snow.
  4.  The trackless train is electric-powered so therefore it can be run inside or outside on preferred smooth surfaces
  5.   We can run a trackless train on grass however guidelines are set up strictly as follows to ensure a smooth event:
    1. The grass area must be free of any debris
    2. The grass area needs to be firm and free of excessive grade differences and bumps that would be considered excessive.
    3.  No rocks 
    4. The grass will need to not have had rain/snow on it for 24 hours minimum and not be muddy and soft.
  6. We will need an area that is free of traffic and other safety concerns that we are running the train.  We do not need to worry about traffic and cars coming in/out of any area just from a safety perspective. 

Rental based on a 2 hour period with additional hours charged at $125 each.

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