Essential Oil Make/Takes

Essential Oil Make/Takes

Essential Oil Make/Takes

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Essential Oil Make and Take York Pennsylvania Area

3 Monkeys Inflatables is your Essential Oil Make and Take Craft Supplier in Harrisburg, Lancaster, Hanover, Hershey, Reading, Baltimore, Hagerstown, Bel Air, and Frederick.

Roller Ball Make and Take  Essential Oils Collection

How does it work?

Make your choice between roller ball or spray and make one make/take.  This make/takes will produce 24 of the make/take essential oil roller balls (so would be appropriate for up to 24 guests)  The scents that will come in your roller ball make and take will be:  Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon Grass, Orange, Peppermint, and Tea Tree.  You will need a table/chairs for your participants.  1 hour depending on size of group.

Additional Time

You can add more time if you think you need more than the one hour this craft takes to complete for the 24 guests.  Add $75 per hour after 1 1/2 hrs of make/take table.  Add $125 per 24 to add a 2nd item.  This is a great craft that will can be adapted to a take and make for social distancing events.  

Book your event

Book your event online by finding the item you are interested in renting and add to the cart.  After you add to the cart any items you want to rent, and then check out by adding your booking information on and completing a 25% deposit.  If you need assistance please call our office at 717-650-7657 or 410-581-5867 or email us at