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Gas Powered Generator (RED/GREEN) - 15amps

Gas Powered Generator (RED/GREEN) - 15amps

    • Actual Size: 2x2
    • Setup Area: 5x5
    • Outlets: none
    • Attendants: none

    • $60.00
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Gas Powered Generator comes with 1 tank full of gas.  

Renting a gas powered generator can provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your event power is covered for up to 2 outlets.  It is important to also note that creating a time and assigning a person to attend to the generator is a must have on any event over 4 hours.  It's best to assign a dedicated person to ensuring they have a gas can with extra gas (not near the generator - it must be within 20+ feet clear of the generator) and is checking the generator to see if it needs filled roughly every 3 hours to ensure no downtime at your event.  

RUN TIME:  1 tank will run for approx. 8 hrs at 50% load (one outlet used from the 2 outlets available) At full load (2 outlets used) it will run for approx. 4  hrs total.
EXTRA GAS:   It is your responsibility to bring extra gas for the Generators, and to check them that they are not running low.  
LOAD:  These have a load capacity of 15amps.
outlets:  max of 2