Human Foosball (#21)
Human Foosball (#21)


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Actual Size: 40x23x10

Monitors: You will need 1 volunteer 16yrs+ to monitor the unit while inflated

Outlets: 1 outlet | 7amps


Human Foosball Rental Central PA

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Human Foosball Inflatable Rental

Human Foosball Rental Play Details

Human Foosball is a game that uses one soccer ball and a full soccer field with goals. However, instead of players spreading out across the field wherever they want, players are required to choose a designated spot where they will hold onto a handle attached to a rope. Players are restricted to being only able to move left to right not front to back across the field allowing that player to guard a smaller area and relying more on the team effort with everyone having designated areas. The objective of human foosball is to be the first team to score the highest points by kicking the ball into the soccer goal. Before play begins, the teams will agree on what the winning number of goals will be. The game is known to be called foosball from borrowing the German word football “fußball”, which is pronounced "foosball".  Coincidently foosball is called different names all across the world like Table Football in the UK, Baby Foot in France, Kicker in Easter Europe, and Dublin in Spain!  

Human Foosball Rentals in Central PA are one of those interactive inflatables that are for sure going to add energy, excitement, and crowds to your event! With this game, you can have up to 10 players at a time so that you can work participants through a line quickly. This is the incredible live version of the foosball game that you remember playing on a tabletop or arcade game as a kid. It provides a 5-on-5 challenge that can build excitement quickly. With Human Foosball, you can easily create the perfect team-building event for corporations, schools, churches, or college events. Everyone loves Foosball. This life-sized inflated version of soccer provides an even better challenge and excitement when players get on-site and realize they are the ones on the inside making the plays.  

Human Foosball Guide to Play Events - 3 Monkeys InflatablesWe are often asked the rules and how to play Human Foosball. In order to help answer the "how-to-play" questions, we have made a convenient guide that will help you learn how easy it is to play Human Foosball.  

Great for large event rentals!

The human foosball game is known for encouraging large event crowds. Human foosball (also known as the name “Table Football“) is quite possibly the absolute craziest team-building game to get your crowd working together.  We have used this ourselves with our staff to create an amazing team-building event and it was amazing to watch & play!  The game takes regular foosball gameplay and makes it life-sized. Players have to work together, moving side by side, trying to kick the soccer ball.

Looking for more Giant Games?

Looking for other versions of giant games? A wide variety of larger-than-life, oversized games indoor and outdoor event activities are available as a rental service through our website or simply by emailing us or checking out our catalog.

Human Foosball Specifics

This fun game rental is great for all ages and can be played indoors or outdoors. The Foosball arena is a 40 x 23 x 10 ft. Since this game is only 10 feet tall, it can go indoors with ceilings of 12ft tall or taller. Weather will not affect the ability to play this game since the unit is able to work indoors or outdoors. Mixed ages can play this game together and have fun. This game is the perfect addition to any event and can occupy 10 players at a time.

To Book the Human Foosball

To reserve the Human Foosball for your event, simply click on the add to cart button below and then select your date and times, and then simply follow the directions to complete your order and pay the deposit. As always you can reach out to us via email or give our office a call to help you place the order at 717-650-7657 | 410-581-5867

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Staff Party with Human Foosball

The above pictures were taken from one of our staff parties during the spring where we got out multiple rental items and shared them with our staff for a Team Building event. This by far was one of the most popular, and loud games we had to go to as everyone young, old, sports folks, and non-sports folks all loved playing this game together.  The level of commodore and fun it brought to our event is second to none.  


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