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Oversized Checkers

Oversized Checkers

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Oversized Checkers Rental York, PA

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3 Monkeys Inflatables is helping you tak the fun of party games to new heights with Giant Outdoor or Indoor Checkers.   Giant Checkers is a fun, and challenging game for all ages. Imagine the fun while strategizing and figuring out how to beat your competition with a huge oversized checker board that is great for indoor or outdoor parties. Giant checkers is an oversized version of the old fashion checkers game.  It is fun and exciting to play this classic family game in a life-sized version.  Will you still miss your move with this oversized version?

Object of Checkers:

The player that cannot move and is blocked by the other player or cannot move from losing all their pieces loses the board game checkers.

How to Play Checkers

If playing with black Checkers, the rules and instructions suggest that red moves first and colors are alternated in subsequent games. Also, each player has 5 minutes to complete his turn before losing it.

Rules on moving normal checkers pieces are they can move one square forward in a diagonal direction landing on the same color as all other pieces. A piece that has been Kinged can move one square diagonally in both directions (forward or backwards). All pieces can only be moved onto vacant squares unless they are jumping the opponent.

You can reduce the number of pieces the other player has by jumping over their piece if they are located on the adjacent square with a vacant square following them for your piece to land. Multiple jumping is not against the rules as far as the Checker piece is advanced in a forward direction. If piece being played is a King, player can move jumping in both directions in the same manner. Each jump or sequence of jumps consists of one turn. If a player can jump another player, you must jump and remove their piece. The Checker instructions state that multiple jumps must be completed and not stopped half way through. If you have a choice of jumps, you can choose among them regardless of whether some of them are multiple jumps or not. Jumping your own pieces is against the rules. Any piece, whether it is a king or not, is allowed to jump a king.

Pieces can be Kinged by reaching the last row of the opposite side referred to in the rules as the King Row. To "King" a piece, another Checker is placed on top of the exiting piece or the Checker is turned over to reveal the crown (depending of game pieces). The Kinged piece then follows the normal turn pattern.