Sand Art Creations

Participants get to tap into their creativity with our sand art bottle necklaces! Each participant will lay colored sand into the bottle of their choice from the varied selection to create a sand pattern designed by their own two hands and mind! The plastic bottles range in size starting at 2 1/2" high to just over 3" high depending upon the shape chosen. Included are a variety of sand colors so that the sand artists can have a bright and beautiful sand bottle creation!

Great Fun with Sand Art

Making a sand art necklace is the perfect activity for all ages as it is something that is simple yet you get to use your imagination to create the perfect layered effect that excites your eye. If you need more than 100 bottles, simply call our office at 717-650-7657 or email us at and we can put together a customer order just for you and your party!

Stress Relieving Craft

Did you know that sand art is known to create amazing stress-relieving effects? You are not only left with the final product being beautiful, but the dumping of the colors and layering can be quite therapeutic. Sand art is a very relaxing craft that is great for college events, school carnivals, Jewish celebrations, community events, back-to-school events, church events, birthday parties, backyard parties, vacation bible school activities, and more!