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Site Supervisor

Site Supervisor

    • $60.00
    • Please call to reserve this item.

Site Supervisor Rentals

3 Monkeys Inflatables York Pennsylvania Site Supervisor Rentals

This is needed for all collegiate and corporate events.  Please note this site supervisor is not meant to take the place of attendants - you are still required to have an attendant per each item.  The site supervisor purpose is to fill generators with your extra gas (you need extra gas on site unless you ordered it for us to bring along as well) to troubleshoot any type of game/inflatable issues and to also follow up with an attendant that may be not following the guidelines we trained them on prior to event start.  It is impossible for a site supervisor to be watching a large event on their own.  Keep in mind that you cannot have a huge event and expect to just have one site supervisor monitoring all area's of that event.  Our site supervisors are at a rate of $60 per hour to monitor the site up to a rough estimate of 4 inflatables at one time.  The inflatables do need to be close together and not a huge spred out landscape.  


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