The Big Top Package
The Big Top Package


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The Big Top Carnival Ride Package PA near me

The Big Top Amusement Ride Complete Package

The Big Top Package is an extreme value package filled with favorites for an amazing fair, festival, carnival, or midway-type event.  The Portable Rock Climbing Wall, paired with our 2-station Euro Trampoline Bungee is sure to be a huge hit with long lines all evening long.  The Rock walls feature 4 climbing stations with an attendant to get them into their climbing harnesses and strapped into the rock wall lane with the auto-belay technology that allows users to climb as high as they can go without worrying about falling, they can simply push off the wall and be transported slowly down the wall to the descent.  It's with ease that the auto-belay system is state of the art in terms of safety and allows riders to feel comfortable climbing this large 24-foot rock wall.  The Euro Trampoline Bungee Carnival Ride gets 2 jumpers at a time jumping and flying through the air on the inflatable trampoline mat, able to do flips and tricks throughout their time on the trampolines. 

The Mechanical Bull Mechanical Rental is a favorite for all carnival participants to test their skills and show off to their friends, family, and excited onlookers.  The participants will compete with who can stay on the Bull Ride the longest!  The attendant is highly trained by both manufacture training and completion certificate and by company training.  The Bull Rental is perfect for young kids through adults. 

The 4-person Hungry Hippo Interactive Rental is perfect to draw in the older crowds from teens, to adults with excitement as this is a new trending item that is very popular with the older age groups.   

The twin spin hard carnival ride is a 4-person spinning chair machine powered by the participants who pump the handles in order to make the ride spin faster and faster.  It's fun and exhilarating for those who love spinning ride rentals!  The next up is our Air Brush Body Art painter who surprises guests with a quick airbrush spray with a template of their choice.  We typically use one color to keep lines moving fast!  The Electric Trackless Train is a popular fair, festival, block party, and more event because we can ride the trackless train around the event or through the event in order to showcase different rides and showcase train rentals.  Complete with a train conductor and music if you wish. 

The 115ft Nuclear Explosion Obstacle Course Rental is a popular trending item for 3 Monkeys with guests stepping into our most popular race obstacle that puts 2 players racing against the opponent through the ups and downs of 115 feet of running inflatable obstacles!  We have our Big Red Baller Rental that is sure to be perplexing, and fun, and get everyone's attention while they watch participants jump from one ball to the next!  The 9-hole mini golf inflatable is perfect with putters, scorecards, and balls for your participants.  We also have some giant games on this package with Giant Horseshoes, Giant Connect 4, LED Crazy Mirrors, Soccer Darts, and Inflatables Double Lane Axe Throw rentals that all will need a volunteer attendant each.  We deliver in Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland areas.

What's included in this Big Top package?

  • Rock Climbing Wall 

  • Euro Bungee Trampoline

  • Mechanical Bull Rental

  • Sand Art Bottles Craft for Make and Take, with a picnic table for the crafts

  • Hungry Hippo Interactive Game Rental

  • Twin Spin Carnival Rental

  • Air Brush Body Artist

  • Electric Trackless Train

  • 115 ft Nuclear Explosion Obstacle (you will need your own attendant)

  • Big Red Baller Rental (You will need your own attendant)

  • Inflatable 9-Hole Mini Golf (You would need your own attendant) 

  • Giant Horseshoes (You will need your own attendant)

  • Giant Connect 4 (You will need your own attendant) 

  • LED Crazy Mirrors (You will need your own attendant)

  • Soccer Darts (You will need your own attendant)

  • Attendants for all items - Seven (7) in total 

  • 4-hour event time frame (any longer would need to be added prior to the event time) 

  • Power for all items (Lg Generators)

  • Setup of all items

  • Tear down all items

What am I responsible for when renting this Big Top package?

√ All Event Power within 100ft of an outlet, without exceeding 15 amps per circuit.  (if the unit needs to be further than 100ft, you will be required to add a generator for those specific pieces.

√  Being Available for setup on the day of the event, at least 3-4 hours before the event times.  

√. This is set up on Grass for all items. Grass setup is included in the above price.  If you need setup for all or some of the units, you would need to contact the office at least 7 days prior, change the setup to asphalt and pay for the remaining balance for the sandbag charge.  

√ Attendants for the inflatables/games as specified above


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