Turbo Tubs Carnival Rental - Includes Large Generator
Turbo Tubs Carnival Ride


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Actual Size: 30' x 30' x 12'

Monitors: 1 professional attendant included

Outlets: 220V - Single Phase

Age Group: Kids over 36" (no lap children) | Teens & Adults up to 80" and 125 lbs or less.


Turbo Tubs Amusement Rides

The Turbo Tubs Amusement Ride Rental is a perfect fit for just about any type of festival, fair, carnival, backyard party, block party, and more! The Turbo Tubs Carnival Ride can take up to 24 children, or 12 adults, with a total weight capacity of 3000 pounds, or 250 per single rider, and 500 total for double riders.  This ride has seatbelts for safety, as well as registered and inspected by the PA Dept. of Agr.  It runs off 220 single-phase electricity, which we bring in the form of a generator included in the price.  We also have a trained professional attendant on staff operating this ride for the duration of your carnival ride rental.  The pricing includes everything except travel for up to 3 hours of fun!  

Turbo Tubes Carnival Ride has a twist ride operation along with a carousel type ride.  The entire ride rotates in a clockwise direction in addition to each car is able to be spun individually simply by the respective riders as fast or as slow as they choose in either direction.    

Get Ready to Spin - Introducing the Turbo Tubs Amusement Ride

The Turbo Tubes Amusement Ride, also known as Tubs of Fun, isn't just a carnival classic reimagined for the 21st century! Unlike traditional teacup rides where the spinning is out of your control, the Turbo Tubes offer a double dose of fun that is perfect for any type of rider from 48 inches through adult.  The benefit to this specic Carnival Ride is that is allows the riders to decide the spinning motion.  You can ride with the slow spin like a carousel type ride that is manageable to those who may find extreme spinning rides make them sick, but fans of twisting rides like the popular Tilt-oh-Whirl, or Twin Spin will find the Fair Favorite Turbo Tubes tailored to suit their need for speed and spinning combined!  


Pennsylvania Carnivals | Maryland Carnivals
The Turbo Tubs is a popular addition to your upcoming Fair, Festival, Fundraiser, Private Party, Film Production, Movie Production, School Events, Church Youth Events and more!  This is part of our Thrill Ride Carnival Game Package that pairs thrills along with entertainment to keep your event running smoothly with low ride counts, and big laughs and smiles!  Amusement Attractions have been entertaining small and big participants for decades, and 3 Monkeys Inflatables is proud to be part of those special memories.  If you are searching for Carnival Rides to rent in Pennsyvalnia or Maryland, then you have landed on the correct page, with the best company who's focus is not only bringing entertaining and engaging rides to your event, but ensuring it's the best event you can have full of laughter and fun for everyone.  Our professinal team will help you layout your fair, festival or event to capture all types of ages, and entertainment to ensure your littlest guests to your oldest guests are entertained.  We can even help you find entertainment that will be wheel chair friendly types of entertainment to special needs items.  Our goal has always been to entertain, listen to our customers requests and execute so that our guests do not need to worry about their event, it goes on all around them and is the easiest worry free event they will continue to have years after year.  

Photos with the new Turbo Tubs Carnival Ride Rental!


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