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Wax Hands Rental in Pennsylvania and Maryland

York Pennsylvania Wax Hand and Novelty Rentals

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3 Hours of Unlimited Hands

Wax Hands is a fun, interactive, and unique activity to add to your event with the keepsake element that your guests can take home as a keepsake.  Keep in mind that we typically get lines of at least 15+ deep waiting for this exciting attraction! You may want to have a line jester to do quick tattoos we offer them on our website (all they would need is an apron filled with tattoos and a sponge (keep a pail behind wax hands to rejuvenate the sponge to make it wet again after a bit). This line jester should also cut the line off a minimum of 20 minutes prior to the event ending to ensure that we are able to get to everyone and no one is disappointed.

Plan for your Line

Wax Hands is always going to be one of the most popular attractions at your event and draws very long lines.  Plan ahead and think about adding an extra attendant to help keep your line moving for events with large groups.  You also will need to assign someone the last hour to cut off the line so that you don't have too many of your guests expecting to get a wax hand and the event is over.  It is hard for our wax hand artist to watch the line and keep the line moving working on the creative hands so making sure you have someone who can cut that line off is very important.  

Booking Wax Hands

So you are ready to book the Wax Hands rental unit with 3 Monkeys Inflatables.  Your entire group is going to love this wax hand unit and you definitely won't be disappointed.  You will get one attendant with the wax hands and of course, you can add another if you think you have a big group that would have a big line.  We offer 2 options for large events because the wax hands are so popular we suggest you consider at a minimum adding an extra wax hands attendant or add another wax hands unit (we can bring 2!)  

Pennsylvania Rentals

We provide wax hands for rent to central Pennsylvania cities like York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Hanover, Dauphin, Lititz, Manheim, and more.  Wax Hand Rentals are a highly sought-after activity at community day events, colleges, school events, birthday & graduation parties, and so much more!  

Maryland RentalsWax Hands of Maryland are one of our popular event items serving Northern Maryland.  Popular towns in Towson, Baltimore, Hagerstown, Owings Mills, and Pikesville.  

Wax Hands Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How many people can I get through a line?

A:  We typically say we can do one hand every 3-5 minutes depending on if it's a single hand or a double hand adds different time, as well as young children who may not be able to understand enough that you have to keep your hand still in order for the wax to setup.

Q:  Should I plan to have a volunteer to help assist at wax hands to help things move quicker?

A:  It is not necessary to have a volunteer on hand, however, it does help to make sure to check the line and ask the staff member if you need to cut the line off around 30 minutes prior to the event ending time.  

Q:  Do I need to provide electricity? water?  

A:  We will need a basic outlet for the wax hands to run on.  We do ask that you get us as close as possible as to not add extension cords on the line unless absolutely necessary, however, it can not ever exceed 50 ft from the outlet.  Keep in mind we will need water when we arrive for our hand dipping buckets.  

Q.  How long is this rental for?  

A.  This rental is for 3 hours of wax hands.