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Mobile Escape Rooms near me are escape rooms that we bring and set up at your location - Corporate Offices, College Campuses, School locations, Churches, or even Community Outreach locations. We arrive with the Escape Room of your choice (Bank Heist, Creepy Nursery, Military, Fortune Teller, or Temple Ruins), you invite and gather your guests, and let the adventure begin! You can even create friendly competitions to see which group can work together the most efficiently and can ultimately "escape" in the fastest time! An employee of 3 Monkeys does stay with Escape Room Rentals so that the room can properly be reset between groups. Should participants hit a roadblock and need a hint or help the staff member can also provide hints to help them along.

Escape Room Details

Mobile Escape Rooms for rent provide a total thrill and rush for participants! Teammates who enter an escape room together will have to collaborate with one another to solve puzzles and decipher clues while working as a team if they want to be successful and escape! Escape Rooms are the perfect team-building opportunity for coworkers, students, teammates, friends, and families. Solving puzzles in the escape rooms will require both common sense and book smarts! The answers are not always right in front of you, often you need to really think outside of the box to get to the next clue. Little details that may seem mundane are also an important part of Mobile Escape Rooms for rent because you never know which detail you will need to advance in the game.

Four of our Mobile Escape Rooms are in trailers that we will pull right up to your venue. The four trailer rooms you can choose from to rent are the Creepy Nursery, Military, Temple Ruins, and Fortune Teller. These can be pulled inside, if the space allows, and if there is a garage door large enough for us to enter through. The bank heist mobile escape room near me must be done indoors and is set up under a canopy complete with furniture, lighting, props, and bank d├ęcor.

Choose 15 minute or 30 minute rooms!

Another perk to 3 Monkeys Mobile Escape Rooms is that we can adjust the time of each session according to how many participants you have. We can provide a 30-minute scenario or a 15-minute scenario for your guests to take part in. There are obviously fewer puzzles and clues in the 15-minute, but this is necessary to cut the time down if you are looking to get a larger number of participants through in a small amount of time. Rest assured; participants will still be just as challenged in the 15-minute session as the 30-minute session.

Mobile Escape Room Rentals delivered in PA and MD!

Go ahead, take the adventure book and your escape room with us today by calling our office at 717.650.7657 or emailing us at

Mobile Escape Rooms are so much fun to have at any type of event or party. Join us in looking at our 5 mobile escape rooms and planning a great escape for your guests at your next party! Providing Rentals across Central PA and Northern Maryland

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