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Have you been to a Corporate/Company Picnic and it's ho hum.  It's just one of those obligations you have to go to?   This is common unfortunitely amongst a lot of the previous company picnics we have seen scattered across Pennsylvania and Maryland.   If your last corporate event suffered from a severe case of boredom, you might want to consider doing something different this year.  If you last corporate event suffered from noone seeing each other and not team unity happening because it was held at a theme park where there was no focus on the may want to start changing that now!

Perfect Recession Picnic's

Having a company picnic on site is a perfect value in today's economy.  Increase your employee morale by hosting a picnic.  This is a great marketing tool that big companies know and utilize today.   Work hard, play hard is a common phrase most people have heard...Picnics allow for that participation and engagement in fun activities that is not only good for the soul but are also an amazing way for employee's fmailies to become involved.  The key to the family's involvement is family support.  We all know if the family supports the employee that is golden!  

Dunk Tank Rentals for Corporate Picnics and Events in PA

Who doesn't want to dunk their CEO in the dunk tank ?


Company and Corporate Picnics are perfect for rewarding and recognizing your employees paired with a fun time.  What better time to reward and recognize those when they are with their proud families.  The gratitude to that recognition then translates to your employees being more committed and appreciative/proud of where they work.  

Inspire & Excite!

Employees appreciate events that they can have family participation and it helps with the purpose of the company picnic/event.  This helps continued hard work, loyalty and getting staff excited about the upcoming year.  The goal is to share with employees about the previous year and excite them about making it an amazing new year with having them on board focused on specific goals...sharing those goals with your employees will have the company feel a sense of committment and achievement to focus on for the year.

Find a company that specializes in corporate entertainment and company picnic activities.  If you are in the Pennsylvania or Maryland area and the success your next event actually matters, youâ™ll want to find a company that specializes in corporate entertainment and company picnic activities.

3 Monkeys Inflatables & Enterainment is dedicated to providing amazing customer experiences from the very first phone call to ensuring your event is the Best.Event.Ever.  One very important consideration when renting equipment is the concern that the vendor might not arrive on time, the equipment wonâ™t be in good shape, or perhaps other equipment shows up in place of what you have ordered.  This wonâ™t happen with 3 Monkeys.  3 Monkeys own and operate all their equipment and all their employees are trained in set up, operational and safety procedures giving you peace of mind knowing you are working with a company who has over 11 years of experience.

3 Monkeys  will go the distanceâ¦and theyâ™ll travel any distance.  In fact, they will do whatever it takes to ensure your event a success.  While smiles are vital, there no aspect that is more important than safety.  The staff undergoes various training to assure that they are not only meeting industry standards but are on the forefront.  All of the staff is trained by Training Supervisors and Licensed PA inspectors, paired with safety documents that are reviewed and tested to all the staff in things such as Driving & Trailer Training & Testing, to Attendant/Staffing Training, Site Supervisor Training, and Driver/Assistant Training and Testing.   Since so many companies tend to use sub contractors these days, itâ™s rare to find this type of commitment with any amusement company.

In the days preceding your event, a 3 Monkeys employeeâ™s sole focus will be making sure that everything is ready for your companyâ™s event.  There wonâ™t be any surprises.  Itâ™s essential that everything be delivered and set up as agreed between your company and 3 Monkeys.  This entertainment is delivered through the use of safe, professional, and insured equipment and professionals.  A really successful amusement company wonâ™t want your event for one year.  They will want your company to call upon them again and again for all your entertainment needs.  So let 3 Monkeys turn those bored faces into smiles at your next corporate event in Pennsylvania or Maryland!

Think about the need for a company picnic and how the value of having it overweighs any type of cost savings as you will get it back two fold just by sponsoring a company picnic in your employee moral and overall committment to your brand.  We do all the work from the planning (just provide us with a few details:  Budget | Overall goal | Particpation expected and breakdown on ages | Location.  We will plan and share with you the vision for your company picnic...from there we will go over the setup and operation with you to ensure everything is perfect and then we will operate your picnic from start to finish.  The goal is to have everyone energized and excited about the new year, have made connections with other employees and even their supervisors and making memories while building those relationships which will translate to more committed employees who are working harder and driving your goals for the year.  Let's get excited together - Give us a call or email us the details now!  

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