27ft Lava Water Slide Rental York, PA

Size 76L X 21W X 27H
27ft Lava Waterslide (#68)


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Setup Area: Level ground – Make sure the setup area for your slide is mostly level. It can have a very, very slight slope or grade (under 3 degrees). We do not set up on hills.

Actual Size: 76' L x 21' W x 27' H

Monitors: This item requires (2) Attendants to stay with the unit while in use. You may use your own attendant, or book an attendant in your cart

Outlets: 3 Standard 110-volt GFCI outlets (21 amps total) within 50 feet of the unit.A generator for rent is available if you are farther than 100 ft from the outlet of where you want the rental placed.

Age Group: Kids | Teens | Adults - 2 participants at a time, one in each lane, up to 200 lbs per lane


Biggest Waterslide Rental in Pennsylvania and Maryland

The 27ft Lava Water Slide Rental is our most popular inflatable water slide.  Want the biggest most amazing Double Lane Water slide for your event? The 27ft. Lava Giant Double-Lane Water Slide Rental offers a sliding thrill with its steep slope and fast-paced sliding surface. You will fly down this slide on twin lanes competitively racing against each other. If you are looking to rent the 27ft. Lava Water Slide in York PA,Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland. 3 Monkeys Inflatable offers the biggest and best water slide rentals. Our Lava Water Slide Inflatable Rental is a slide that will excite literally every age group for your party! Perfect for birthday parties, block parties, Fourth of July, Graduation parties, and more! This water slide is a thrill seeker's dream!  It is also the most popular water slide in our inventory so it typically books up quickly! The 27ft Lava Water Slide is our biggest water slide standing over 27ft high and 76ft long this double lane water slide is an epic ride in itself, then you add the race element and it's just one-of-a-kind of fun that will not only engage the kids but the adults at your party too! 3 Monkeys Inflatable Rentals in York, PA provide a myriad of party rentals to the many cities and towns that comprise Pennsylvania. Their massive inventory includes water slides, bounce houses, tents... even picnic tables! They also have plenty of experience when it comes to catering to people's different needs - you can get anything from just one inflatable rental all the way up to hundreds if necessary. So whether you're looking for something small or large scale be sure 3 Monkeys is your first stop because they won't let their customers down with quality service at competitive prices.  We often get asked Is this a Water Slide for Adults?  Yes!  We have many water slides for adult rentals. I mean we want to have fun too right?! The water slide is fine for adults up to 220 lbs, and we recommend that you put a lighter person on with that maximum 220lb person or have them slide down alone to help the pressure of 2 large adults coming down the water slide at the same time hitting the wall at the end of the lane.  Big Water Slides are so much fun for mixed groups of kids, teens, and adults for water slide backyard parties, and everything in between!  Don't say we didn't warn you though, rent this slide and you will never go smaller again! :) Our families have fallen in love with the adventure and extreme ride this slide offers.  Fun all day long is not even half of it!  

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Specifics on 27ft. Lava Water Slide Rental

On this slide, there is one staircase with soft stairs that you can grip while you climb up but also climbing handholds to help with balance.   The Lava 27 ft Water Slide measures 21' wide by 76' long and 27' tall. You need a fairly big area for this slide to sit without any low-hanging trees. 3 Monkeys Inflatables provide tarps to put under the entry and exit to minimize the muddy mess water activities can sometimes bring. There is a wall at the end to stop the momentum from the slide so you are not able to fly off the edge. All inflatables through 3 Monkeys Inflatables are licensed and inspected by the state of Pennsylvania for safety and are lead-free! For set-up on this slide, you will need three separate outlets on two breakers, as this unit requires three blowers. 

The Water Source is simple just use your garden hose that reaches to the location where you want us to place the 27ft water slide rental.  We do ask that you have a splitter so that we can attach both slides (slip and slide portion and main slide portion) enabling them to both have water coming off of them. 

Who can use the Lava Water Slide?

Who can use the Giant Lava Water Slide when I rent it?

We provide a suitability guideline for our customers, so we take the guesswork out of who is eligible to ride on this Giant Water Slide Rental.  The Lava Water Slide is so big that it stands 27 feet high and over 76 feet long.  It is perfect for a mixed-age group of participants searching for that water slide that will make a perfect splash!  The Lava can handle adults, teens, and children.  Our restriction as far as children goes if the children must be able to climb and slide down unassisted.  We never allow double riders, or participants who are not physically able to climb the stairs and slide down alone without help.  

The Lava water slide is popular because of its ability to entertain such a large group of friends, families, co-workers, and community friends.  Our customers love that they can also race one another down the slide or just enjoy sliding down with another participant sharing in the giggles of excitement as you race down this fast water slide.  
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