Distracted Driving Simulator 6 Seat
Distracted Driving Simulator 6 Seat


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Distracted Driving Simulator 6 Seat

3 Monkeys Inflatables is your Safety Day and Distracted Driving Specialist 

Distracted Driving Simulator Event  Rental in Connecticut

We all know the dangers of texting or operating other electronic devices while driving yet many drivers are not changing their behavior. Due to the many requests that we have received, 3 Monkeys Inflatables is now offering a unique distracted driving program and simulator for your campus, school, corporation, or community.  With the epidemic of distracted driving, it is critical for the safety of high school students, college drivers, as well as adults to learn, understand, and experience the dangers of distracted driving.

Setup Details

The simulator is set up in a way that allows participants to see the dangers of distracted driving first-hand in a safe environment.  Participants start out by getting familiar with driving and operating the vehicle (3-4 minutes).  After becoming familiar they are instructed to text "GO" to the number we provide them while they continue to drive.  The automated number texts back pre-generated questions that are relevant to your participants or your event.  Yes, that is right. We engage the participants in distracted driving. While the participants are texting and driving weather conditions and road hazards continue to change, making infractions and accidents almost unavoidable (4-6 minutes).  The combination of texting, driving, and changing conditions really drives home the idea that distracted driving is not worth the risks and dangers that come with it.  Once finished with the simulator experience participants can to take the pledge not to text and drive and get a thumb ring to wear while driving as a reminder.

Drunk Driving Goggles 

We have drunk goggles available as an add on option after the distracted driving where participants would put down the phones and would try driving with a pair of goggles that are equivalent to having a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08%.  This option would be the last part of the simulator experience (2-3 minutes). If you are looking for the ultimate learning tool, we have created a Drunk Driving Impairment Education Package which includes multiple items which incorporates a lot of fun into learning about the dangers of distracted driving.

Space Requirements:

2 Seat Simulator = 6x10
4 Seat Simulator = 12x10
6 Seat Simulator = 18x10

Questions and Answers:

Q: How far will 3 Monkeys travel with the distracted driving simulators?

A: 3 Monkeys will travel as far as you need us to with our simulators. In order to get pricing, we ask that you email (info@3monkeysinflatables.com) or call (717-650-7657) us the following details: the date of your event, the start and end time of your event, the location of your event, and how many participants you would like to get through the program.

Q: Does this 6-seat Distracted Driving Simulator Rental come with an Instructor to run the program?

A: Absolutely! We have a specially trained instructor who will not only set up the simulators but will stay with it the entire time and he will prompt drivers through the program. 

Q: Do all participants need a cell phone?

A: Yes, for the distracted driving portion of the program all drivers will need access to a cell phone as texting while driving is the main portion of the program. 

Q: What if a participant does not have a cell phone?A: If a participant does not have a cell phone he or she can either borrow one from another participant or they can skip that portion and at least participate in the drunk driving portion.

Q: Will an attendant be included in the rental?

A: Yes, our distracted driving pricing does include the cost of an instructor who has been specially trained within our company to execute this program at events.

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