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Giant Connect 4 Rental York, PA

Oversized Game Rentals Delivered to York, Lancaster, Harrisburg, and other Cities

Giant Connect 4 Game RentalConnect 4 in a row to be the winner.  The Giant Connect 4 Rental York, PA combines strategy, skill, fun, and luck in this giant version of Connect 4.  Guaranteed to be a hit for any birthday party, school carnival, corporate event, family reunions, after-school programs, daycare centers, college event, and more!  

Connect 4 is a Classic Favorite Giant Game Rental

Everyone loves a good game of Connect 4 (even the dog apparently). Grab an opponent, pick the yellow or green playing pieces, (maybe play a good old game of rock, paper, scissors to see who goes first), and strategize your moves. Alternate turns, dropping a playing piece into the slot of your choice while trying to get four of your pieces in a row. But be careful! You are going to want to watch what your opponent is doing as well because you may need to block their next move as part of your strategy to win. When you get four in a row, be sure to shout out, “Connect 4,” so that your opponent knows you won!

What other oversized games could I get?

Monkeys has a variety of oversized games to choose from, all of which make fabulous additions to your party or event. It gives your guests just another option of something to do while at your event. The games all provide the opportunity for good, wholesome, family fun, and friendly competition. In addition to Giant Connect 4, choose from Giant Corn Hole, Giant Horseshoes, Giant Jenga, Giant Checkers, Giant Yard Pong, Giant Backgammon, Giant Scrabble, Giant Operation, Giant Battleship, and Giant Pick Up Sticks!

How do the giant game rentals rentals work?

Most of our rentals are for up to 8 hours long, except for our specialty rental items. We will ask you the start time and end time of your event and those are the times you will see on your invoice. The start time is the time your rental will be set up and ready for you, the customer, to use. The actual setup time will depend upon where you fit into our delivery schedule the day of your rental and we will provide you your set up time a day or two prior to your event. If you have other questions about our rental process please email us at or call our offices at 717.650.7657.

How to Play Giant Connect Four:  Take turns with your opponent dropping counters into the frame in any row you choose with the object of getting 4 in a row either diagonally, vertical or horizontally.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use.  Oversized Connect Four Game

Dimensions are:  47.6L x 17.7W x 46H
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Our Delivery Area

3 Monkeys delivers giant game rentals and all other party rentals to cities in both northern Maryland and Central Pennsylvania. We deliver to Harrisburg, Lancaster, York, Red Lion, Mechanicsburg, White Hall, Bel Air, Cockeysville, Baltimore, and many other surrounding cities.


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