Ice Cream Novelty
Ice Cream Novelty


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Ice Cream Novelty

Desert for Catering

Complete your catering rental by adding the Ice Cream Novelty option to your catering order. Our ice cream novelty desert options can be nostalgic for those at your event. Almost like the smell of cotton candy or popcorn! They will see the sign with pictures of the ice cream choices and it gives an instant flashback to that time you were running around barefoot in the neighborhood and you heard the bell of the ice cream truck! You ran home for money and then ran to meet the truck. You stood there, wide-eyed, and stared at all the different desert images pasted on the side of the truck before you finally picked one. Maybe it was a bomb pop, an ice cream sandwich, a nutty buddy, or the sponge bob posicle with gumball eyes! 

For just $1.50 per serving you can offer your guests a variety of cool treats. From ice cream sandwiches to popscicles and chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches there is something for everyone. Novelty choices will vary based upon availability at the time of your event. We will bring a freezer to store the ice cream novelty items so you will need an outlet so that we can plug in the freezer. The desert options end up being a huge hit for both children and adults alike.

Our catering is full service by our employees. Different catering packages are served for different amounts of time. Our catering services are for a minimum of 100 people. We have several options for our picnic catering options. All food is made fresh, on site, and served with smiles. We find that guests really like the meat and come back for more so consider adding extra meat to your catering order!



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