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King/Queen Photo Prop

King/Queen Photo Prop

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King/Queen Photo Prop for Casino Rental Parties York Pennsylvania Area

3 Monkeys Inflatables is your Casino Rental Provider in Harrisburg, Hershey, Lancaster, Dallastown, Shrewsbury, Millersville, Elizabethtown, Reading, Batlimore, and Central PA

Strike a Pose

No casino night event is complete without out King and Queen Playing Card props.  These cards stand nearly 8 feet tall and have a cutout where the faces are on the playing cards for you guest to pose in for photo ops.  These props will be part of pictures for years to come creating long lasting memories.  They have a very authentic look to actual King and Queen playing cards.  Don’t miss the opportunity to make your next casino event an even bigger hit with these unique photo props.

Create a Casino Night to remember

3 Monkeys Inflatables has all types of Casino Tables to rent, along with renting our dealers, pit boss, and Photo Props, Photo Booth, and other fun activities we can help bring that real authentic casino party feel to your next event.  The King/Queen add so much flair to a cool casino night that it really becomes a must have to have as part of your enterainment with guests lining up to jump into the card cut outs to post on social media tagging your event and what a grand time.  We have found that the casino night evens are something your guests look forward to for a long time as it's just a fun adventure and you are not gambling for real money so guests can really let loose and let their adventurous sides come out and see how they fair without the gamble of worrying about being a little more reserved.

Social Distance Events

Right now social distance events are the growing trend worrying about germs and safety, but also worrying about mental health long term of not getting together for fun nights like casino nights, and we totally understand!  We love that a casino night can allow for you to just rent our tables & chips out and you can become your own dealers and allow for a small gathering party to have that guys night out or girls night out...whatever the occasion you can still have those events, just smaller scale and elminate the need to have people you don't know coming to your event.  


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