Little Snowies Snow Machine Rentals York, PA

Little Snowies

Little Snowies

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Little Snowie Snow Machine Rentals York, PA

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Our little snowies are the perfect addition to any Christmas or Holiday theme event where you want to have some flurries at your event.  This is perfect for holiday parties, theme parties like Christmas in July, or if you are having a special play or presentation where you want to feature flurries/snow.


These are mini snow making machines that can produce a flurry/snow from the snowman's mouth that will help create that winter snow affect regardless of your season.  The Little Snowie stand about 2 1/2 - 3 feet high and can be placed pretty much anywhere inside or outside.  Keep in mind they produce a snow substance so if you are placing it inside you will have a little clean up at the end of the event.  Think of the substance as a foam snow that will disolve and dry and could leave a soapy film on the floor that it is setup on.  You can always add and indoor/outdoor carpet if that is a concern, but it is minimal.  

This is for one snowman (however more are avaiiable)  for a 2 hour rental.  


Create the feeling of the holidays to just about any type of event.  The surprise and excitement on not only kids faces but adults faces when they walk into an event that has flurries (snow machine) throughout the event.  You can rent these and pretty simply fill them up as your event is running not having to shut down the unit as you simply assign a volunteer or rent an attendant that can sit nearby and be in charge of filling up the snowman as he gets low.  This is probably every 20 minutes if you were running it at the most output with the fastest amount of snow that is continually making snow.  

Create even more excitement with our other Christmas themed items! 

We encourage you to check out our growing Christmas themed items that we have avaiable for your fall/winter parties and even your summer Christmas in July events.  What is cooler than a Christmas Wonderland Toddler Infaltable?  An Entire Collection of Christmas Inflatables & Attractions.

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The Holiday Express Trackless Train Jr

Our Holiday Express Trackless Train Jr entertains both kids and adults on our trackless train decorated beautifully with christmas lights, wreath, and garland to create a magical holiday train for participants to ride around on and enjoy.  

The Holiday Express Santa Train Conductor

The Holiday Express Train SANTA Train Conductor adds Santa Claus to our Trackless Train Rental which is a 2 hr train rental so this would add Santa for the entire 2 hour train rental which creates even more excitement to your event.

Christmas Arch

This Christmas Arch is a grand holiday inspired inflatable arch that is perfect to create an entrance area to your Holiday themed party.  It creates excitement and gives you the entrainceway that is quite grand.  

Christmas Wonderland


The Christmas Wonderland Toddler Inflatable creates an amazing Christmas themed toddler bounce and obstacle course/combo sampling of different pop ups and elements within this fun, colorful and fully themed christmas toddler inflatable complete with a slide inside.