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Unleash the fun with our Mega Game Package

Mega Game Package | 3monkeysinflatables | Central PA3 Monkeys Inflatables loves bringing convenience to our customers and with that, we are proud to introduce our new line of bright and fun carnival game rentals.  All you need to is to add is our 6-foot table rentals, or supply your own tables if you already have them!  

Starting out with our Can-it Carnival Game where you use the bean bags to see if you knock down the cans off the circular base in 3 shots or less! 

Monkey Mayhem is a skilled game of using the bean bags to toss the monkeys back- can you get a 2 in one hit?

Bullseye Carnival Game you get 3 tries to land the velcro balls on the bullseye target.

Fish Bowl Frenzy has fish bowls with different numbers that you toss little balls in to see if you can get the highest score

Bottles Up is a game of pure skill and steadiness.  You have to be able to pick up the bottle with the stick and set it upright.  It's harder than it looks. 

Trolls Dentist is a little kid's delight.  This game has kids throwing bean bags at the monster's mouth to knock teeth down. 

Rattlesnake Roundup is a perfect ring toss-like game that challenges you to hit the target rings onto the cactus.  

Tic Tac Toe Carnival Game is played with 2 players, each taking turns to throw their colored balls in for a tic tac toe win.  

Oversized Ring Toss is a crowd favorite with participants often getting a handful of rings to try their luck getting one ring around the bottles.

Plinko is a favorite for adults and kids.  Who doesn't like putting that disk at the top to see if you can land it on the highest score? Lastly, our Inflatable Single Lane Axe Throw is a new item for us this year, and popular for kids and adults to see if they can throw and challenge their family and friends to get the most target hits.  

This package does not include any tables and requires the most out of the games to be put on a table.  The tabletop games are perfect on the tables to make it easy to play and make a great presentation.  


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