Monkey Mayhem Carnival Game
Monkey Mayhem Carnival Game


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Monkey Mayhem Carnival Game Rental

MonkeyTabletop Carnival Game Rentals in Central Pa and Northern Md


Monkey Mayhem Carnival Game for RentThe Monkey Mayhem Carnival Game Rental takes a fun monkey toss game to the next level with this lovable carnival bin game. This is a very easy setup, carnival bin game that takes up minimal space at your event, yet this game can be a great filler for empty space. This carnival game for rent sits on top of a table and will make a great addition to your party or event. The best part about Monkey Mayhem Carnival Game Rental is that it can be played and loved by both children and adults.

How to Play Monkey Mayhem

Participants will step up to play Monkey Mayhem Carnival Game Rental and be given five bean bags, which are five chances to knock all of the monkeys to win the game. The game begins with 5 hanging monkeys on the tree. Each monkey Player will take aim and toss the bean bags, one at a time, at the monkeys to see if they can knock down each monkey! The ultimate goal is to leave this tree bare with all of the monkeys down using the five beanbags provided!

If you are doing prize winners at your event, you can set your goal to be whatever you want. Maybe you want to hand out a prize if they knock down even two or three of the monkeys. Or perhaps they need to knock down all five to earn the prize. The great thing about this carnival game is that you get to make up the rules that best fit your event.

What does this game rental require?

The Monkey Mayhem beanbag toss game does not require much on your end. No electricity is needed for this game. You need a tabletop or counter for us to place it on, we will set it up, and voila - it's ready to play! If you are handing out prizes, you will need to supply the prizes for game winners. You also will need an attendant to monitor the use of the game at all times to ensure it is being played properly and handled appropriately, as well as no pieces go missing as you are responsible to return the game with all the monkeys, beanbags, and bin game intact as it was rented to you.  

Other Carnival Game Rentals

In addition to the Monkey Mayhem carnival game for rent, we have a huge selection of other carnival game rentals to choose from as well. Check out some of our newer additions like Plinko, Monster Blast, Bottles Up, Alien Pinball, Wacky Wire, Streetskee, and Whip N Skip! Other popular games to add to your event are our inflatable games like skeeball, QB blitz football toss, basketball toss, hover ball archery, hockey shootout, soccer shootout, and our newest 4-in-1 inflatable carnival game for rent. Carnival games are the perfect addition to events, for those who may not be interested in or can't play on the inflatables. When you want a little something for everyone, carnival games are the perfect add-ons! Carnival game rentals are also great space fillers if you have some empty space at your event that needs activity and filled up.

How to Rent Carnival Games like the Monkey Mayhem

We have a very easy-to-use, online booking system with a live 24/7 calendar that will show you availability. Simply add the items you wish to rent, to your cart, and proceed through our online checkout process. You will need to enter your personal information like your name, cell phone, email address, and billing address. Then we will need the party details such as the date, start time, end time, and delivery address. Once you go through the checkout process you will be asked to place your 25%, non-refundable deposit, to book the items for your date and time. The rest of the balance is due any time up until the time of delivery.

Delivery Fees and Order Minimums

Each city does have an order minimum requirement as well as a delivery fee based on your distance from our physical location in Felton, PA. The order minimum requirement must be met prior to any taxes or travel fees. For example, if your order minimum is $319.00 for your city, the subtotal of the cart must reach $319.00 in order for you to be allowed to check out. If you get to the final screen and you do not meet the order minimum the system will automatically calculate the 'order minimum fee' and add it on to allow for checkout. If you would prefer to place your order with one of our customer service specialists please call our office, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. at 717-650-7657.

Monkey Mayhem Cities of Delivery

We deliver the Monkey Mayhem Carnival Game to cities in Central PA and Northern MD. Some of the cities we frequently deliver carnival games and other party rental items to include York, Red Lion, Felton, Brogue, Harrisburg, Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, Baltimore, Bel Air, White Hall, Freeland, Cockeysville, Sparks Glencoe, and more!



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