Maryland Mechanical Bull Rentals with 3 Monkeys are a customer favorite for all types of parties or events in Maryland. Our family-owned, trustworthy company will deliver the Maryland Mechanical Bull Rental to your party venue, we will execute a safe, professional set up of the bull ride equipment, we will provide a specially trained mechanical bull opertor to safely run this ride from start to finish, and we will tear down at the end of the event. This makes Maryland Mechanical Bull Rentals rather simple for you, the customer. Our goal is for you to have just as much fun as your guests without any stress of being the coordinator.

What types of parties is the Mechanical Bull Rental in Maryland good for?

We often get mechanical bull rental requests in Maryland for milestone events such as birthday parties, anniversary parties, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, wedding receptions, and more. But it doesn't take a milestone event in life to book a mechanical bull in Maryland! We also set up the mechanical bull at carnivals, fairs, festivals, church events, school functions, corporate picnics, employee appreciation events, and even events at bars, breweries, and wineries. And let's not forget a bull themed party or a western-themed parties! Who can put together a western-themed party without the best mechanical bull rental in Maryland?!

Bull Rental Safety and Bull Riding Tips

Our mechanical bull is made by one of the top bull manufacturers; Galaxy. There is an inflatalbe landing pad which makes for a safe dismount and landing once the rider is ejected off the bull. Galaxy designed this particular mechanical bull with safety in mind. With that being said, the head is made from a unique, soft, padded foamlike material to contribute to a safe ride. The horns are also soft, and padded for additional safety measures. For those of you who have never had the opportunity to participant in an awesome mechanical bull ride, you may be wondering how to ride a mechanical bull. For starters you must remove your shoes and anything from your pockets that could be dangerous to you or the inflatable when you dismount the mechanical bull. Any loose jewelry or accessories must also be removed. Safe bull riding is one, and only one participant at a time. A bull rider must be able to mount the bull on his or her own. Once the bull rider is safely mounted on top of the bull he will be instructed to place one hand in the air and the other will grip the handle. Our properly trained technician will then begin the bull riding experience. The goal is to stay on the bull as long as you possibly can before gravity forces you off, onto the landing pad. Some tips and tricks to staying on the mechanical bull are: sit as close to the head of the bull as you can, use your dominant hand to grip the handle while you use your non-dominant hand to place in the air, grip your thighs as tight to the bull as you can, and try to move your body with the momentum of the bull. Using these practices you will likely have a fairly successful bull ride!