Elevate your Baltimore event with 3 Monkeys Catering, where exceptional service meets culinary excellence. At 3 Monkeys, we recognize that the heart of a memorable event is flawless execution coupled with outstanding cuisine. Our dedicated team is committed to handling every detail of your Baltimore catering needs, allowing you to fully engage and enjoy your event with your guests.

Our service is ideally suited for events requiring at least 100 servings, offering a distinctive picnic-style culinary experience. Our menu is a carefully selected mix of beloved classics, including juicy hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, flavorful bratwursts, and succulent barbecue chicken, all freshly cooked on-site to infuse your event with the tantalizing aromas of freshly prepared food.

To complement our main dishes, we provide a range of side dishes selected at booking, such as hearty baked beans, creamy macaroni salad, classic potato salad, and crisp coleslaw, each bringing a comforting, homemade feel to your gathering. Our Baltimore catering packages are enhanced with a variety of soft drinks and water, ensuring your guests are refreshed throughout your event.

For an additional treat, we also offer the option of adding novelty ice cream treats, a perfect way to bring a smile to faces of all ages and add a special touch to your event.

When you choose 3 Monkeys for your Baltimore event, you're not just getting a catering service in Baltimore; you're ensuring a spectacular and seamless event experience that stands out. Let us take your event from ordinary to extraordinary with our dedicated Baltimore catering service and mouth-watering cuisine.