"Education Through Simulation" is our belief and therefore we offer a Distracted Driving Simulator Program. All too often we hear about the fatalities and accidents caused by distracted driving. Whether it be texting while driving or driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or other substances, there are daily accidents that are claiming the lives of drivers and passengers due to these dangerous acts. To help teach the realities of these dangerous behaviors, 3 Monkeys offers a Driving Simulator Education Program with three different components; texting while driving, driving under the influence of alcohol through the use of drunk driving goggles, and driving under the influence of marijuana through the use of marijuana simulation goggles. You have the option to utilize one, two, or all three of these components when you rent our distracted driving simulators.

These simulators are frequently rented and used by schools to educate students, corporations to educate employees, and the U.S. Military to educate our soldiers and civilian workers. With the epidemic of distracted driving, it is critical for the safety of all drivers to educate them on the dangers of distracted driving. The centerpiece of the program is a 6-seat simulator. Having multiple simulators available on site makes the program more meaningful for the participants. Research shows that participants change their attitude about driving by actively participating rather than just watching other individuals participate. Each driver takes anywhere from 5-10 minutes to complete a session, therefore you can get through anywhere between 36 and 72 participants in an hour depending on which components of the program are utilized.

Our goal is to touch the lives of each driver who experiences this program. A professionally trained operator will deliver, set up, run the sessions, and tear down your event. Contact us today to schedule these simulators at your school or community so that you can make a difference and possibly save lives.