Military Mobile Escape Room Rental

Military Mobile Escape Room

Military Mobile Escape Room

    • $995.00
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Military Mobile Escape Room Rental

This is a 15 minute escape room with a difficulty level of beginner/intermediate.

Can you answer the call for duty?  We are on the verge of WWIII and you and your team have infiltrated our enemies base and have gained access to the missile launch room.  The missile is set to launch in 15 minutes and it is aimed for Washington DC.  You need to work together in a complex room of puzzles, codes and hidden messages before it’s too late. Keen eyes and quick thinking are a requirement for this room.  There are 5 puzzles to solve in this room before you can gain access to the key to unlock the missile launch pad and disarm the missile.  Our Military Missile Room is very authentic with many military based props and puzzles.  You and your guest are sure to have a unique experience.  Will you successfully disarm the missile and save the world from another world war…..or will you run out of time?

The pricing is for the combo of the Military Mobile Escape Room and the Creepy Nursery Escape Room Trailer.  This is for up to 3 hours and comes with an Attendant.  

Military Mobile Escape Room

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