1960's Era Bank Heist Escape Room Tent
1960's Era Bank Heist Escape Room Tent


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1960's Era Bank Heist Escape Room Tent Rental

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Bank Heist Escape Room Rental

What to expect with this Mobile Escape Room

You and your gang of misfit friends have a plan to get rich quick.  You’re going to rob the Federal Savings and Loan Bank down on Main Street.  You were told by someone that knows the Bank Manager that he has a terrible memory and that in order to remember the code to the vault, he hides clues to trigger his memory.  You figure you and your gang are pretty smart, so you should be able to figure out the clues to unlock the vault and ride off into the sunset with the money and gold.

You break into the bank one night after closing time and start looking for clues.  Once you access the bank you trigger the alarm and the cops are on their way.  You have 15 minutes to decipher the puzzles, open the vault, and escape with the money before they show up…..or you will spend the rest of your life in jail!

Youtube captures the beginning

Check out our youtube video at the bottom of the page that features our intro speech before entering the bank heist mobile escape room rental.  Get excited before you enter this cool mobile escape puzzle room.

Room Specs

This room is contained in a 10x15 tent which allows it to be set up anywhere.  Although we have designed and built this room in a tent in order to make it mobile, don’t think you will not have a great experience.  We have built the room to be very authentic with area correct props and puzzles as well as digitally printed walls to provide you with a first-class escape room experience. You will be transported back in time to a 1960’s area bank once you enter the room.

Types of Events

Our rooms are great for team building at corporate outings, a mentally challenging (and fun) experience at a college, church, or school event, or as a highlight of a fair or festival.  Our escape rooms come with an attendant to set the stage for each group, provide clues during gameplay if necessary, and reset the room between plays.  One of the perks to Mobile Escape Rooms are they are not reliant like the most event rental items on the weather so you can have your party or event regardless if it's raining, snowing, or a heatwave out as the mobile escape trailers all have heat and AC and are rain-proot offering great party whether it's a rainy day or sunny day!  

Escape Room Options

We have over 5 escape rooms to choose from with all of the escape room rentals offering mobile escapes that allow for you to your event at your venue or place.  Choose from our advanced/expert puzzle escape rooms like our Temple Ruins Escape Room Rental and Fortune Teller Escape Room Rentals, or choose to start out with our beginner rooms like our Military Mobile Escape Room or Creepy Nursery Escape Room Rental.  


1960's Era Bank Heist Tent Escape Room

1960's Era Bank Heist Tent Escape Room is a ton of fun and a great experience for team building, corporate events, community events, graduation, and birthday parties. We deliver and set up to your location in Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, Hershey, and surrounding areas in Central PA and Northern Maryland.
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