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Team Building Mat

Team Building Mat

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Team Building Mat York Pennsylvania Area

3 Monkeys Inflatables is your Team Building Mat and Field Day professional in Central PA like Harrisburg, Lancaster, Camp Hill, Hanover, Hershey, Reading, and Baltimore area.

Great Team Building Fun Activiity.  

This creates a challenge of getting kids and adults moving as a team.  The lead person begins walking with pulling the mat down to keep it moving.  This teaches cooperative movement and develops coordination at the same time.  This is 27' circumference x 30"wide.  Made from a resilent woven polyester fabric for indoor or outdoor use.

Team Building Fun

Great for sports, PE & Recreation, Active Play, Team Building, Field Days, Picnics, Ice breaker games, and more!  This encourages kids to move and use cooperation, coordination, and balance with these game mats.  These are great for building team building skills through laughter and fun.  

How do we play

You will first divide into teams, and have the team stand inside the mat with the inside of the mat above their heads.  The lead person pulls the mat forward and the team begins walking along the mat, in a follow the leader type format with the leader communicating each step so they are able to navigate being in sync moving the mat.  The team to the finish line wins in the shortest amount of time wins as you will time them to see who is able to finish in the shortest amount of time!  You can typically fit 3-4 adults or 5-7 kids in a mat at once depending on the comfort level and close quarters of the team.

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