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Bounce House Rentals Red Lion, PA

Moonbounce Rentals

Moonbounce Rentals in Red Lion PA offers so many different options for Party and Event Rentals in the Red Lion area.  3 Monkeys Inflatables is your Inflatable Rental specialist with our shop based right here in Red Lion, Pennsylvania.  We are proud to be part of Red Lion's community and service our local area of Red Lion, and the Red Lion borough.  Our moonbounce, bounce house, inflatable rentals consist of many different elements to rent.  We in fact have over 400 rental items in our inventory to choose from including our Bounce House Rentals, Combo Rentals, Obstacle Course Rentals, Extreme Interactive Rentals, Water Slide Rentals, Giant Game Rentals, Tents, Tables and Chairs, and more!  

How to book 

You can book with 3 Monkeys Inflatables simply by clicking on the check availability link and choosing your date and times for your event rental.  Next, you get to choose from our large inventory and pick the items to add to your cart.  When you are finished choose complete order at the bottom and from there you will fill in your customer information.  After all that is complete, you can choose to send yourself a quote or you can pay the 25% deposit and check out.  If you have questions along the way you can always email us at or call our office at 717-650-7657.  

Water Slide Rentals Red Lion

If you have not seen our inventory in Water Slide Rentals available in Red Lion you are missing out on an opportunity to play on what we believe is the best Water Slide Rentals available in Central PA.  

Friendly Staff

Our staff is some of the amazing team we have ever been lucky enough to work with.  They work hard in our training and take their jobs very seriously.  Our staff is dedicated to safety, cleaning, and sanitizing our units for your safety.  

 Red Lion Community

We are part of Red Lion, PA for over 6 years now.  Working in the community to make a difference.  Take a look at just a small sampling of the great unique inflatable pieces we have to offer:

Wrecking Ball Interactive Inflatable Rental

Wrecking Ball Rentals

This is one of those units that will have your guests talking.  Great for home parties, but so versatile that it makes a dominant must-have piece for those large corporations, schools, fairs, festivals, carnival, colleges, churches, or just about any type of public or private event you can dream up.  This inflatable allows for 4 players to stand on moveable pedestal bases while trying to throw the ball at the other opponents.  All the while having to duck/dodge on a shaky pedestal base.  To say this is a crowd-pleaser just doesn't do it justice!  Did I mention we are the only company in York/Red Lion who has this awesome piece?  

Tie Dye Bounce House Rentals Inside of the Tie Dye Bounce House Tie Dye Rental Top

Unique Bounce House Rentals 

Our Tie Dye Bounce House is one of the kind bounce houses, and I do mean that literally!  We designed this bounce house from a tie-dye t-shirt and sent it off to manufacturers to design from scratch.  It is the only one in the world!   This unique Bounce House is not only amazing looking outside, but it has a basketball net built inside with a very tall ceiling that you can see the tie-dye image inside as well...look at the above inside pictures.  This moonbounce rental is a real treat and more than worth the rental!  Thanks for your interest in 3 Monkeys Inflatables Rentals.  We are happy to work with you to create the perfect unique Inflatable Rental event for your next party or event!  Give us a call today for your free quote!