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At 3 Monkeys I nflatables, we're noot just about inflatables; we're about creating experiences. As your trusted large event specialist, we bring unparalleled creativity, dedication, and expertise to transform your vision into a reality!
  • Customized Event Solutions

    • Every event is unique, and so our our solutions. Whether your planning a friendly fair, or an adventurous corporate retreat, we tailor all our offerings to fit your event's theme, audience, and vibe.
  • Wide Range of Options

    • Jump into our extensive selection of Inflatables, games, and entertainment options.  From thrilling obstacle courses for team-building to elegant setups for special celebrations, we have it all
  • Expert Planning and Execution

    • With years of experience in the event industry, our team ensures every detail is meticulously planned and executed, making your event seamless ands stress-free.  

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Make your event Unforgettable

At 3 Monkeys Inflables, we believe in the power of detail.  From understanding the age dynamics of your guests to selecting the perfect mix of catered or non-catered options, every element is crucial in crafting an unforgettable experience.  Let's collororate to make your event not just successful, but unforgettable!
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Corporate and Entertainment Planning with 3 Monkeys Inflatables
Networking and Industry Event Planning with 3monkeys Inflatables
Planning your Big Event Rentals
Planning for your big events can sometimes feel like such a burden, expecially when you have a demanding schedule and the thought of planning a large event just takes the wind out of your sails!  Well, 3 Monkeys Inflatables is here to put that time back into your schedule and plan for you the best large event party for you with all of your critical details.  We will work off your specifications of what your vision is, what would be needed for the event to make it really pop, and create a buzz while keeping a a pulse on your budget and goals for the event. 
BIG event party rentals Planned here!
We are planners and work to create your vision with our attention to detail for every party.  We will execute Tents, tables, chairs, entertainment rides and games, concessions, catering, and evertything in between and fill you in on the details so that your ready for us the day of setup.  We will bring our team and lay out the entire setup for your guests, and then at the end of the event, clean up all of our rental items, games, catering, concessions, tents. tables and chairs and make sure everything was perfect throughout your event.  
Make your list, we will check it twice!
You can make a list of the items you want for your event, or just share your event details and we will happily take over the planning for your upcoming large event.  Our over 16 years experience in the party and event rental industry allows us to easily work to adapt your party to your vision.  With our huge inventory of our one-stop-shop party and event rentals store we are able to provide you with everything you need even down to the professional catering on site.  Trust 3 Monkeys Inflatables to provide you with not only great service, but great products, at reasonable pricing, with licensed, insured, and safety minded team.
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