Three Monkeys Inflatables offers the best bounce house rentals in Fawn Grove! We have been in the family entertainment industry for more than 15 years. We have a large selection of bounce house rentals that will help you create a magical celebration for your guests and of course the guest of honor. Bouncy house rentals in Fawn Grove come in different colors, themes, and sometimes shape. A traditional bouncy house is square but some are unique in shape like our Disney Princess Bounce House.

Choosing the right company is important for your Fawn Grove Bounce House Rental. Make sure the company you choose is licensed and insured. 3 Monkeys is registered in both Pennsylvania and Maryland, we have 3 PA licensed state inspectors on our staff, we implement training programs for our staff members, can provide you with a safety video about attending a bounce house, and put safety and customer satisfaction first. 

3 Monkeys is unique in the way we train our staff because we train to some of the highest standards and accountability found in our industry. We make sure we continue to educate and evolve our employee training to ensure we continue to be the best at what we do. We are fully insured and are in full compliance and inspection with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. We want to provide not only quality equipment to our customers but also innovative equipment! So be prepared to be blown away by our innovative inflatables along with the variety of other rental items!!

Bounce Houses can be called many different things. Among the different terms used for a bounce house are: jump house, jumper, bouncy house, moonwalk, moon bounce, bouncing castles, jumping castles, inflatable castles, inflatable house, and more! What is a bounce house? A bounce house is made of vinyl that is sewed together, and inflated with air. There are little holes that will allow for air to escape because if not, it would be a balloon and it would pop! Because of these air holes, bouncy house rentals do require a constant flow of air through the use of a 'blower' that is connected to a 'blower tube'.

Bounce house rentals used to be heavily associated with children's birthday parties, and they still are. However, they are commonly rented nowadays for other events like church picnics, school festivals, fundraisers, little league opening days, college events, corporate picnics, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, summer camps, backyard barbeques, block parties, anniversary parties, wedding receptions, end of school year celebrations, fall festivals, and so much more! The event types, where a bounce house is appropriate today, are endless!