No Contact Delivery York, PA

3 Monkeys Inflatables is your no-contact delivery specialist in Harrisburg, Lancaster, Hershey, and surrounding cities.

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No Contact Delivery

3 Monkeys Inflatables is your partner in creating relationships in our community whether you want regular delivery or no contact delivery options we are there to support you wherever you are at with protecting your family.  

Contactless Delivery York

We are your Contactless Delivery York for all of your Bounce House, Combo Rentals, Water Slide Rentals, Obstacle Course Rentals, and many other of our Party and Events Rentals items.  We believe in our customers and want to offer both options of Contactless and Normal Delivery within the York, Pennsylvania Area.  We realize not every one of our customers will want contactless delivery so if you don't require it for health reasons and you just want a normal delivery we can do that as well, but those who want to have a party but prefer the contactless delivery options that are an option we have available.  Basically, you will do the e-sign and payment online with a link from your order placed email sent to you and then let us know where you want us to the rental item by marking it and also marking the power and we will get it all set up and ready to go for you.  We can even have the driver call you on-site and go over the safety rules while you are looking from the window if necessary.  

Contactless Delivery Harrisburg

We are your Contactless Delivery in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for all of your Party and Event Rental needs in Harrisburg and surrounding cities like Hershey. You can take a look above on how we are offering the contactless delivery options and know we support your decision to have a socially distanced smaller gathering with as little contact with those you don't know to keep your family safe.  We suggest you have anyone participating wash their hands before playing and ensure that all those invited have been well and not around anyone who is sick to further protect your family.  

Contactless Delivery Lancaster

We are your Contactless Delivery in Lancaster.  We provide Party and Event Rental Specialist in Lancaster County.  We are renting for Graduation Parties, Birthday Parties, and Backyard Parties right now.  We understand with the COVID risks currently in Pennsylvania and Maryland you may want to take some precautions while still holding your small invitation-only gathering.  We are prepared to deliver, setup and tear down the party rentals for you at your location with a social distance perimeter of 6 feet away and where our masks to offer safety while setting up.  We are able to offer contactless e-signatures and online payments to reduce any unnecessary contact with our delivery driver.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

We have always taken cleaning and sanitizing of our inflatables and rental party items seriously so when it comes to safety and cleaning we made a quick youtube video showing you what our cleaning and sanitizing consist of.   

In the Youtube video 3 Monkeys, Inflatables demonstrates their cleaning standards for ensuring that every Bounce House, Inflatable, Game, and Event Rental Equipment is not only safe for use while we inspect netting and vinyl and making sure it's in good repair but defending the invisible safety risks like germs, bacteria, mold, mildew, and disease with their cleaning protocols that are trained and put into place as our everyday defense.   

In this video you will see the process of 3 Monkeys Inflatables staff vacuuming out the inflatable first to remove any dust and debris that can easily fall in the crevices of the inflatable floor, after that is completed we get to quick work of cleaning the walls, floors, basketball nets/rings, pop-ups, crawl through's, balls, including steps and anything our customers would touch inside.  After the thorough cleaning of the inside, we then spray it down with a light mist spray as an added barrier allowing that to dry for 5 minutes before giving the ok to the customer to have customers use the inflatable. Our cleaning strategies have been the same for the entire 13+ years we have been in business with trusting and using Lysol Clean and Fresh as part of our everyday cleaner.  

We recently found out through the Corona Virus epidemic that our everyday cleaner Lysol Clean and Fresh is one of the few cleaners available on the CDC-approved cleaner list just reiterating to us that your safety has always been the most important to our business.  

New Additions to our Inflatable Rental Cleaning

As we continue to review our safe practices for cleaning, sanitizing, and ensuring the best experience with your rental for you and your family and friends 3 Monkeys Inflatables is always looking at what more can we offer or do?  We have found a few items we are going to be adding to our inventory in the next month or so.

  • Portable Sink

  • Hand washing Instant Wash Stations

  • Cold Fogger Cleaning