Social Distance Events

3 Monkeys Inflatables is proud to announce ideas and items that fit within Social Distance Event Guidelines

Social Distance Events
We feel confident that the entertainment options listed below are both engaging and fun but can also be modified to include social distancing and/or having the ability to offer sanitizing with "germ buster" treatments in between either a specific number of participants, blocks of time, or whatever the school, university, or corporate preference would be. We can add a Sanitizing Specialist to any order, keeping them on for the event and managing to follow up with every piece on a predetermined rotating schedule to ensure that we are able to meet your sanitizing needs.

Below we will provide ideas for you to review with your team, and talk a little about the item giving you details about it along with dimensions, and power requirements. We will also offer you modification suggestions based on Social Distancing Suggestions for each item to help with your social distancing needs as we navigate this new precaution. We want to help you, as partners, in creating a safe fun space for your students.

Social Distance Delivery Options
3 Monkeys Inflatables is proud to offer delivery options that fit within your campus/organization needs. We can offer the following options:

1. We offer convenient pickup of many popular items from our Shop located in York County Pennsylvania from someone on your team.
2. We offer Delivery/Pickup and attending at your location with our staff keeping 6 feet distance at all times of participants, along with the option for a face mask to be worn on any indoor setups/pickups.
3. We offer convenient drop off service at the college/organization drop off location with little to no contact so that you can have your team set up on-site with a no-contact method with our staff.

We are willing to do whatever makes your college/organization comfortable right now so please if you don't see any idea listed that you would like us to provide please send us an email or contact us by phone.

Best Social Distance Event Rentals

Best Inflatable Rental in Central PA

Best Inflatable Rentals in Central PA

3 Monkeys Inflatables is your leader in Inflatable, Interactive, Tents, Table, and Chair Rentals. With our cleaning standards and extra sanitizing opportunities that we have available for our customers, we feel confident that we are able to still provide the amazing level of service, cleaning, sanitizing, and safety that we have always brought to the Inflatable & Entertainment industry.

Take a look at our cleaning standards to youtube video and what we are currently doing to keep our rentals cleaned and sanitized. Additionally, check out our new Germ Buster that we have added to bring to social distancing events when you rental a Santiziging Supervisor for your event that will allow us to santize our inflatables & rentals on the spot in about 30 seconds with full coverage.
Best Inflatables Rental in Central PA

Giant Movie Screen Rental

Our Giant Movie Screen Rentals are not just for Movie Nights anymore! Think about a great game of video games on a giant screen! How about a big conference or zoomba party on the movie screen to have everyone able to see and hear with this LIFE-SIZE movie screen?

3 Monkeys Inflatables Giant Movie Screen is a hugely fun opportunity to get creative and have a movie night one night, bingo, giant conference, and fun creating some fun and interesting events you can host with this Giant size screen. This is a 24L x 13.5 W x19 H movie screen that actual screen size is a big 23ft diagonal. It does need to be projected for movie nights (daytime can sometimes make it harder for the screen if the sun is bright or causing shadows) We will bring out speakers and an FM transmitter if you like for your screening of movies, and presentations. We can even provide FM radios if needed - just let us know how many and we can price them out for you. We can provide small mini FM radios that you can give to students or a few larger ones if you don't want to have speakers going. This would come with the movie projector, screen, sound system, FM transmitter, DVD, or Blu-ray player. We can even add pre-made bags of POPCORN to add to your event so they can grab a bag and go sit down in their socially distanced spot.

Social Distancing Suggestions:
With our movie screens having the ability to have the FM transmitter we are already confident this will allow for adequate social distancing allowing for us to run both the speakers and the FM transmitter and possible use of purchasing some extra FM transmitters will allow for extra sound across your area.
Giant Movie Screen Rental
Giant Movie Screen Rental near me
Axe Throwing Trailer Rental near me

Axe Throwing Trailer Rental

Our Axe throwing trailers are completely mobile offering the best of entertainment while at your location. They are built enclosed both around the sides from floor to ceiling and then the ceiling is also enclosed to ensure the safety of guests. The lanes are 17 feet long and allow for 2 throwers at a time on each side and then there is a velcro axe throwing section for beginners and children. We do have both 2 lane and 4 lane options available to rent and each set of lanes comes with its own dedicated axepert.

Social Distancing Suggestions:
Axe throwing is already a socially distanced sport as we keep guests back and can even put up cones to keep the area clear so that there is not ever more than 2 people per lane and with taking turns like our traditional axe throwing they are going to be within the 6 feet distance making this a perfect event attraction while staying social distanced. We can, however, add some disinfectant wipes and wipe down the handles in between uses to allow for sanitized axes for each new thrower.
Axe Throwing Trailer Rental

Escape Room Rentals

The Mobile Escape rooms Trailers and Tent have up to 5 different types chosen from our: Creepy Nursery, Military, Fortune Teller, Temple Ruins, and 1960s Era Bank Heist. These options are tons of fun for participants to use their skills of solving puzzles and discovering clues and then deciphering them to get to the ultimate goal of escaping the rooms. The room escapes vary from 15 minutes to 30-minute escapes.

Social Distancing Suggestions: Our suggestions would be to make each escape to 15 minutes each allowing more participants to go through. Typically we would fit 6-8 students at a time in the escapes and we would suggest moving that to groups of 4, and additionally, we would suggest discussing disinfecting cold fogger the rooms in between either each group or a specific number of groups. We can even clean the items they would touch in between with a spray cleaner and then whatever you're comfortable with then move to disinfect cold fogger treatments which would give you a lag time of we believe 5 minutes up to 10 minutes tops
Escape Room Rentals
Escape Room Rentals near me
Euro Bungee Rentals near me

Euro Bungee Rentals

Bungey Jumping meets Trampoline when you harness into our Euro Bungee! This is exciting for all ages. Younger riders tend to enjoy jumping while the older, more daring riders challenge themselves with flips and acrobatics! Each harness has multiple bungee cords attached to it and its innovative designs allow for safer flipping and turning.

Social Distancing Suggestions: There are enough harnesses in our inventory that they can be sanitized after use and we can still keep the line moving.
Euro Bungee Rentals

Bumper Car Rentals

The 3 Monkeys Bumper Car Rental comes with an inflatable arena and 4 Bumper Cars which are fully padded which allows drivers to have a blast while bumping. Each car is equipped with a seat belt for the riders to use. These cars provide a gentle bump rather than the instant jarring often caused by older style Bumper Cars. Every Bumper Car rental comes with a fully trained staff member to operate the ride with a remote, which also comes with a kill switch should the ride need to come to an immediate stop for any safety reasons.

Social Distancing Suggestions: The Bumper Cars allows for 4 riders at a time who remain in their own car and space for the duration of the ride. There is no physical contact between riders at any time. The ride attendant can sanitize the cars after each agreed-upon number of uses or period of time. We can also implement social distancing in the waiting line as well by placing a marking on the ground where participants are encouraged to stand and wait for their turn. Additionally, we can also place one of our mobile hand sanitizing stations at the entrance of the ride.
Bumper Car Rentals
Bumper Car Rentals near me
Rock Wall Rental near me

Rock Wall Rental

Our Rock Wall offers four separate climbing lanes with various levels of difficulty to meet the skill of each individual climber. Each climber gets harnessed in and each climbing lane is equipped with an auto belay system that allows a climber to slowly return to the ground should they let go of the wall. See if you can be the first to reach the top and sound the horn!

Social Distancing Suggestions: We would suggest running 2 of the 4 lanes to help comply with social distancing. We have enough harnesses that they can be sanitized between each use. The Rock Wall itself can also be sprayed with sanitizer at agreed-upon intervals.
Rock Wall Rental

Mechanical Bull

Yee-Haw! Take a ride on the wild side of our Mechanical Bull. Participants are required to hold onto the handle with one hand while placing the other hand in the air. Hold on tight and test your balance as the bull begins to buck and rotate. The bull ride is a test of time to see how long you can remain on the Bull. There is a soft, inflatable landing pad to cushion your inevitable fall. The bull horns and heads are also made of soft material to make for a safer ride. A skillfully trained Bull Operator will maintain control of the ride at all times and has control over the speed. You can turn this into a contest by keeping a time board to see who is the ultimate bull rider.

Social Distancing Suggestions: The mechanical bull is one rider at a time. Both the bull seat and handle along with the inflatable landing pad can be sanitized at an agreed-upon interval. The seat and the handle can easily be wiped down with sanitizing wipes and the inflatable landing pad can be sprayed with a mist of sanitizing fluid and left to dissolve for the predetermined amount of time. We can also implement social distancing in the waiting line as well by placing a marking on the ground where participants are encouraged to stand and wait for their turn. Additionally, we can also place one of our mobile hand sanitizing stations at the entrance of the ride.
Mechanical Bull Rental
Mechanical Bull Rental near me
Meltdown Rental near me

Meltdown Rental

Batters up! The Grand Slammer Meltdown is a 2-4 player interactive, a mechanical game where each player begins by choosing a base to stand on. A trained operator will start the ride and the two bats will begin to rotate. But beware! Not only do they go around the playing field but they also move up and down. This means each player has to quickly decide if they are going to duck or jump as it comes their way in order to remain standing on their base. Players that are knocked off are eliminated from the game and the last player standing is the winner!

Social Distancing Suggestions:Bases are far enough away to comply with social distancing while on the ride. Sanitization of the bases, bats, and landing pad can be done on an agreed-upon interval. Bases and bats can easily be wiped down and the inflatable landing pad can be sprayed with a mist of sanitizing fluid and left to dissolve for the predetermined amount of time. We can also implement social distancing in the waiting line as well by placing a marking on the ground where participants are encouraged to stand and wait for their turn. Additionally, we can also place one of our mobile hand sanitizing stations at the entrance of the ride.
Meltdown Rental

Big Red Baller Rental

The Big Red Baller is so much fun that even mascots cannot refuse a try! One participant at a time will climb the ladder and make their way to the top of the blue jump pad. Their goal is to jump from ball to ball without falling off. It's not as easy as it looks and it provides great entertainment for those awaiting their turn as well as spectators. If you are lucky enough to make it across all the balls without falling, you slide down a small slide to exit the unit. Be prepared for lots of laughter with the Big Red Baller rental!

Social Distancing Suggestions: The Big Red Baller is designed for one participant at a time. This unit can be sanitized with our cold fogger disinfectant at an agreed-upon interval. We can also implement social distancing in the waiting line as well by placing a marking on the ground where participants are encouraged to stand and wait for their turn. Additionally, we can also place one of our mobile hand sanitizing stations at the entrance of the ride.
Big Red Baller Interactive Inflatable Rental
Big Red Baller Rental near me
Nuclear 115ft Obstacle Course Rental near me

Nuclear 115ft Obstacle Course Rental

The 115 ft Nuclear Obstacle Course is our largest obstacle course and offers an endurance packed obstacle course because this one has a section that is completely on an elevation creating an endurance packed race against your opponent. We love the competitiveness this brings out in participants and the excitement of running this long race! This is a race with 2 participants one on each side of the inflatables racing against one another from start to finish.

Social Distancing Suggestions:Our suggestion would be to either set a cold fogger disinfectant at intervals like each hour we shut down for 5-10 minutes or that after so many participants we shut down for 5-10 minutes to do the disinfectant treatments.
Nuclear Obstacle Course Rental

Ping Pong Outdoor or Indoor

Who doesn't love a good, old-fashioned game of ping pong? 3 Monkeys can bring the Ping Pong to you! Ping Pong allows for 2-4 players and each player has their own paddle. See if you can keep the ball going without a swing and a miss!

Social Distancing Suggestions:To encourage social distancing you can keep the game to 2 players at a time so that they are on opposite sides of the table. The paddles, balls, and tables can all be wiped down in between games to maintain sanitization.
Ping Pong Rental
Ping Pong Game Rental near me
Giant Horseshoes near me

Giant Horseshoes Rental

Enjoy one of the oldest backyard games, GIANT sized - Horseshoes! Play 2 or 4 players at a time and wind up to toss the Giant Horseshoe across the playing field while trying to get a ����¢��¢�¹�â¦�¢Å�ringer.����¢���¢���¢ It will take a few tosses to find a throwing strategy as these things surely are GIANT! This one of a kind giant game provides a challenge, laughter, friendly competition, and requires some arm strength!

Social Distancing Suggestions: If you choose to play teams and have 4 participants at a time, each team of 2 participants is able to stand the suggested distance of 6 feet apart at their end of the playing field. Horseshoes can be individually sanitized and wiped down in between each game and should take an estimated time of 5 minutes
Giant Horseshoes Rental

Giant Battleship Game Rental

Everyone probably remembers the childhood game of Battleship. 3 Monkeys have a one of a kind, never seen before, handcrafted GIANT Battleship game! And by Giant we mean stand ON the playing board and be part of the game! Play with 2 or 4 players and take turns guessing the location of the other team's ships. They will respond with a, you hit or a miss as you mark the location accordingly. Try to sink all of the other team's ships before they can sink yours! Fire away!

Social Distancing Suggestions: As seen in the photo above, teammates can remain 6 feet apart while working together to sink the other teams battleships. One teammate can man and mark the ships while the other marks the board with their guesses. The battleship board in the middle creates a barrier between the two teams which helps comply with social distancing. All playing pieces can be sanitized between games with our sanitizing spray and could take up to an estimated time of 10 minutes between games.
Giant Battleship Game Rental
Giant Battleship Rental near me
Racing Simulators rental

Racing Simulators

Racing Simulators offer formula one style racing that can accommodate up to 8 guests at a time on one race allowing opponents to race against their friends, and co-workers. This is remnant to times at the arcade racing against your best buddy!

Social Distancing Suggestions: The great thing about racing simulators is each 2 seat racing simulator can be put throughout the room and not as pictured side by side allowing for more social distance throughout your event. We can also easily clean in between participants.
Rent Racing Simulators now!

Photo Booth Rental

Offering Photo Booth Rentals that are a full old fashioned style photo booth with the bench seat where you pull the curtain and get 4 poses by hitting the red button when ready and getting a photo strip at the end of your event, or the open background photo booth where we position the photo booth in front of a certain background or your own background and allow more participants at a time in for pictures.

Social Distancing Suggestions:3 Monkeys is able to offer disinfectant of the ready button on entry of each new participant and also keep the prop table fresh with new props each time and have a return prop table where we can cold fog any "returns" before placing them back on the table. We can also keep the prop table to hats and funky items for the hair as well as signage and keep any props that typically would be put on the face omitting from being used.
Book your Photo Booth Rental here
Photo Booth Rental
Oxygen Bar Rental near me

Oxygen Bar Rental

The Oxygen Bar is a great stress-relieving event rental that purified oxygen can help increase energy levels, improve mood, concentration, sports performance, and promote better sleep. Oxygen therapy is also known to help with depression.

Social Distancing Suggestions: Each participant always receives their own nasal cannula (allowing for no contact with any materials that others have touched) The technician will connect the oxygen flavor for the participants)
Book the Oxygen Bar Rental

Giant Corn Hole Rentals

Corn Hole is currently one of the most popular backyard games played around the country. So much so, that corn hole tournaments are a real thing! Making this game even more fun is playing it with 3 Monkeys GIANT Corn Hole boards. Oversized bean bags and oversized inflatable playing boards make this game extra challenging and an absolute blast! Anyone who sees it will want to give it a try.

Social Distancing Suggestions: This game can be played with 2 or 4 players and both will allow for social distancing compliance. If playing as teams of 2, the giant, inflatable corn hole board will force a separation of the 2 players on each side. We can easily get another set of giant corn hole bags so that in between each game the bags are able to be sanitized to make for extra safe handling.
Giant Corn Hole Rentals
Mini Golf Rentals near me

9 Hole Mini Mobile Golf Rental

3 Monkeys offer a 9 Hole, Mobile, Miniature Golf Course complete with putters, balls, and scorecards. Each hole has been uniquely designed to challenge the putter to sink their golf ball into the hole. The wooden bases are painted with blacklight paint and have blacklight carpet so that you can add the blacklight option if you want to enhance the miniature golf experience. Can you get a hole in one?

Social Distancing Suggestions: The great things about this miniature golf course are that each hole is separate therefore they can be spaced apart however far you would like, which will help to comply with social distancing requirements. Additionally, there are plenty of putters that will allow for rolling sanitization procedures which should result in no lapse of play at any time.
Mini Golf Rentals
Giant Chess Rental near me

Giant Chess Game Rentals

This Giant game takes the classic game of Chess to a different level with its massive size. This can also be played with multiple people on a team as they strategize moves and work together.

Social Distancing Suggestions: These pieces can very easily be wiped down and sanitized between games.
Giant Chess Game Rentals

Interactive Play System Cone Rentals

Do you remember playing the game Simon when you were younger? Our Interactive Play System Cones is a similar concept to that of Simon. This game will test your recall ability, your speed, and your agility as you race your opponent and/or the clock to tap the lights. There are several different game options that allow for single or multi-player games.

Social Distancing Suggestions: Players are tapping the tops of the cones which can easily be wiped down and sanitized between each game. You can keep it strictly to a single-player game or to a 2-player game where the cones can be kept on opposite sides of the playing field. There are several different ways this can be played in order to comply with social distancing requirements.
Interactive Play System Cone Rentals
Interactive Play System near me
Essential Oil Make n Takes near me

Essential Oil Make/Takes

Our Essential Oil Make and Take consists of 24 roller balls that guests can make up to any combinations of healing essential oils that can be for all sorts of things like sleep aid, stress aid, and breathing aid.

Social Distancing Suggestions: We would suggest altering the packaging to create specific pre-made packs for maybe 2 different types (sleep or stress or something else we can provide a list) and then participants would come to pick up the rollerball with the carrier oil already ready to go and the list of ingredients (small size) for them to combine together to make up their specific roller ball. This would allow for a Take and Make the type of craft.
Essential Oil Make n Take

Painting Parties

Painting Parties can be tons of fun with pre-made backgrounds or just completely open canvases to create whatever you want. We can supply colors, paints, and canvases for an artist's fun day!

Social Distancing Suggestions: We would be able to social distance with your own brush, paints, and canvas and can pre-make stencils that are wanted so that they are ready to paint.
Painting Party
Painting Party near me
PiYo Rentals near me

PiYo Rentals

Social Distancing Suggestions: We can project on the big screen movie screen in order for those to spread out and social distance.
PiYo Party

Cleaning Video

Our cleaning and sanitizing video outlines how we clean on-site for our Inflatables and Rentals. We will go over in the video how we vacuum the unit out completely and then go in and wipe it down with our Lysol Clean and Fresh All Purpose Cleaner and Disinfectant which is approved by the CDC. After we are finished cleaning the unit from top to bottom we will then add a layer of Lysol across the floor and sides of the unit covering hard to reach surfaces and ask you to allow that to dry up to 5 minutes before allowing children to play in.

Germ Buster

Our new Germ Buster is something we are introducing as part of our new sanitizing supervisor extra you can add to your events - basically, the sanitizing supervisor which is part of our clean team will come out and be scheduled for the time frame of your event and will be able to spray mist any of the attractions you want within about 30 seconds the entire attractions (bounce houses, mobile escape rooms, water slides, etc - whatever you want and as often as you want) throughout the event on the schedule you specify. The germ mister takes about 10 seconds to cling to the surfaces and provide germ remediation. Keep in mind we will be using CDC approved disinfectant in the germ buster to create a germ-free environment you can be assured with.
Check out our YouTube video
Germ Buster
Portable Sinks and Sanitizing Station Rentals near me

Wash Sinks and Antibac Stations

Our Portable Hand Washing Station offers you peace of mind at your event with our wash station that is completely portable. Simply place it wherever you want at your event (within your hose access) it comes with soap, paper towels, and the clean/dirty water reservoirs.

We also have antibac stations available that are just small stations that allow you to set up in front of your entrance and around your event to encourage good handwashing to stop the spread of any germs.

These can be added to any of your event rentals and placed wherever you would like us to place them.
Order the Handwashing Station here


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